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If you are still looking for presents for Christmas, and you have a guy in your life that is hard to buy for, this Anthony Logistics products might be the answer. They sell all kinds of personal care products for men, including moisturizers, exfoliating soaps, hair gel, aftershave, all the things that classy guys are used to using.

They have so many different products that your best bet would easily be the starter kit they offer called “The Essentials.” It has Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Shave Cream, All purpose Facial Moisturizer, Lip Balm, Body Cleansing Gel, and Glycerin Hand and Body Lotion. This kit even comes with a storage container to put it all in. And for $40 it’s a pretty outstanding deal. There’s no way you could by all of those things separately or even all together for a girl and spend so little.

If you don’t want to get something so involved, a product your guy can use every day is their facial moisturizer. It’s fragrance free, which I like because I don’t want to smell like my mother, a baby’s ass, or God knows what else they put in moisturizers, and it even has a little SPF 15 in there for good measure.

The thing I like most about Anthony Logistics compared to other products is that they are pretty simple, and don’t make you feel like you belong on Queer Eye for using them. They all have simple packaging, and they donate a portion of all of their proceeds to fund prostate cancer research if that kind of thing is important to you. And on top of all of that they work really well. There are tons of different things to choose from so you can have a medicine cabinet full or just use one or two things.

I got into the Anthony line, when my male model of a roommate started using it a few years back. I used to use a hugo boss aftershave and I prefered the Anthony brand, the price is comparable, and the Anthony product seems far less greasy or slimey, especially in the summer. The facial moisturizer is the best one I have used.

Anthony Logistics is pretty easy stuff to find in terms of buying it at stores. Places like Bath and Body Works and Nordstrom carry it but if you want to get it online it’s easy too. will give you free shipping on any order over $50 in the US and is offering free shipping in Canada for anything over $75, or over $50 to the US. I ordered a facial moisturizer from MugOnline once and it separated on me for some reason but when I contacted them they sent me a free replacement, which was pretty great of them, since it costs around $25 plus the shipping to canada. I would definitely order from them again, especially if you are a Canadian resident.

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