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December 19, 2005 · 0 comments

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This is a long past due post…I bought this camera right before I went to new orleans pubcon and took hundreds of drunken photos. To date the camera has been flawless. I got a 512 meg memory stick for it which is perfect and did not break the bank. I would totally buy one of these again…but probably could pay less, and get one with higher resolution, smaller size and more features….oh technology.

I was at the Future shop in Cambridge Ontario, the one right off of Pinebush road and I splurged and bought a Canon PowerShot Elph SD300 digital camera. I wasn’t real sure if I should be buying a camera but I had done some research at this great digital camera webstite called and found out that it was really a quality little camera.

Probably the best thing about the SD300 Elph is that like all the Elph cameras it is super small. This easily fits into my pocket since it’s only 3.4″x 2.1″ and only 0.8″ thick You have no idea how fun it is to take a super small digital camera like this to a bar and take terrible pictures of your drunk ass friends. Since it doesn’t use film you don’t need to worry about wasted photos that you end up getting developed for $12 a roll only to find there are fingers in front of the lens and everything is out of focus.

The PowerShot SD300 uses SD memory cards, which are small and very affordable right now. All memory cards have come down in price over the recent years but you can easily find 1GB SD memory cards for less than $50 all over the web.

For those of you that are interested in specs, it’s a 4.0 megapixel camera, which is plenty of megapixels for just about any amateur photographer. It has 5 different ASA settings, a 35mm-105mm Canon zoom lens, and can even record video in .avi file format. And even though the SD300 is about the size of a credit card, it has a two-inch monitor on the back which is so much nicer than trying to look through the viewfinder.

Another great thing about Canon’s digital cameras and the whole Elph series, is that the prices keeps getting cheaper and cheaper. They make really good cameras that range all the way from point and click digitals like the Elph SD300 up to top of the line pro digital stuff like their 1D and 10D cameras.

So if you need or want a great little digital camera I can’t recommend the SD300 Elph highly enough. It’s small, super easy to use, and takes great photos.

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