Condoms VS Birth Control VS Pulling Out

January 8, 2006 · 1 comment

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I had an interesting talk today with a friend regarding birth control choices and came up with the following brilliant quote regarding the use of condoms:

“If you cannot afford $1.00, you cannot afford to fuck.”

Seriously, if you cannot either afford to buy a condom or are too stupid to go to your local family planning center to get free ones, you should not be allowed to have sex. I look forward to the day when I pay for your unwanted child with my tax dollars. Fuck you.

Also fuck you, those that do not believe in birth control.

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1 httpwebwitch 01.09.07 at 1:00 am

So are you saying you don’t believe in the Darwinian forces that command that the most fit individuals procreate? There are entire cities in Northern Ontario that survive and flourish on that principle. Poor people get stuck growing up in Sudbury, where there’s nothing to do for entertainment except fucking each other, so we are assured a next generation of nickel miners.

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