Happy New Year

January 16, 2006 · 2 comments

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Here are the top phrases searched week ending 12/31/05:

– 3 for “tiffany teen”
– 2 for “adult skateboards”
– 2 for “ipod video reset”
– 2 for “tiffany teen images”
– 1 for “[ blank query ]”*
– 1 for “change my ipod”
– 1 for “change my ipod to english font”
– 1 for “change to english font”
– 1 for “cunt”
– 1 for “how to 30g ipod”

What a way to end the year.
And the top searches for the new year week ending 01/07/06:

– 2 for “robyn bewersdorf”
– 1 for “mini ipod sounds scratchy”
– 1 for “survey”
– 1 for “tiffany”
– 1 for “tiffany teen”
– 1 for “tiffany teen themes”
– 1 for “werty”
– 1 for “wicker park”

I usually am pretty busy, which makes me put off posting in this fine blog for weeks at a time. Here is a little recap from my trip to Chicago over New Years and Xmas.

Got to see the family, numerous times, which was great. A +
Got to eat like 5 hot dogs while I was there. B+
Went to Neo for the first time. C
Girl fell head first into my crotch at NEO. A+
Another girl bought me a beer at Neo. A
Got Crazy drunk a few times. A
Had several hangovers from above. D-
Giot to see Mikeys Condo. A
Got to see James place with creepy closet. A
Planned on going shopping, but did not go once. A+
Got Penneys Noodles once. A
Got to see lots of old faces and meet new people at a party. A
Had my “ear nibbled” on new years. B+
Shopped for my dad at duty free. A
Slept quite a bit. A+
Flight delayed 2+ hours from YYZ to ORD. D-
Got sick on the Plane ride home. F
Got to see fireworks on TV, but see them out of Mikeys windo 10 seconds before they were on tv. B
Played some wacky video games. B+

It was great to see everyone and be back in Chicago, and it was a great way to end the year, and kick off the new one. I hope everyone is haveing a good new year so far. My goals this year are to get less fat (I gained like 20 lbs since I moved up to Canada), and do more helpful things as well as creative things… I plan to get back into art and want to create a new search product that does some good.

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1 your_store 01.16.06 at 8:17 pm

Can a search product do any good?

2 werty 01.16.06 at 9:24 pm

When I get things sorted out I will let you hear the idea and you will be like “what an idiot” or “sweet idea”. Most people I have told are more of the “sweet idea” types.

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