Gillette Fusion – TURBO RAZOR?

February 9, 2006 · 4 comments

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What the hell? Apparently Gillette has released some new super razor, it contains 6 seperate blades, 5 on the front, and one on the top for those “hard to reach areas”.

I currently live in Canada and have not heard of this thing at all, I am guessing gillette is not licensed to sell this super razor to other countries, probably due to a fear of breaching national security…. I found out about it through a message board I run: gillette fusion discussion.

I rarely shave, and actually hate shaving, so I may buy one of these in a year or so when I run out of mach 3 blades(mach 5?).

Is there tons of advertising for this in the USA? Has anyone used one of these bad boys yet? If so what are your thoughts on it? Do you fear this new EXTREME RAZOR?

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1 your_store 02.10.06 at 4:12 pm

F’ing Warren Buffett and his razor blades. As to the advertising question, that’s a resounding yes. The bastards did a two week campaign leading up to unveiling of the six-bladed monster during the Super Bowl.

Thankfully I’ve only really shaved twice since September.

2 Lupin 02.12.06 at 8:13 pm

Yep, I’ve been using one for 4 days. It has been great. The buzzing of the vibrating head was a little disconcerting (Is this going to slash me to roibbons?)but the shave was really smooth. I have a heavy beard and shave at least twice a day – morning and night. The evening shave might not even be necessary now. Good thing, the blades are so expensive. Also the blade on the back is a great idea. Perfect for sideburns and near the nose. It really needs some kind of a cover. I’d hate to reach into my shaving kit and grab it by mistake. Ouch The really blade needs some kind of a cover.
All in all it is a super razor. Makes a great gift.

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