War of the Worlds

February 8, 2006 · 0 comments

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I just finished watching war of the worlds…some of it was allright, but most of it was terrible. The movie is the struggle of one family, of the many, who are attacked by these alien creatures.

This movie sucks balls, and has the worst ending in the world. I give it 5 stars, one for each time I wanted to kill myself when watching. I would give it one star based on the quality of the movie.

I am wondering if there is a directors cut of this because there were long drawn out parts of this movie that made no sense. I could argue about this piece for a while, but what is the point? It had all of the basic struggles, man vs man, man vs machine, man vs family, man vs man, and man vs alien!

I am trying to think of the best part of the movie, and I am having a hard time. The worst part would be all the left out details that would hopefully pull the story together and maybe give the movie a more logical ending, or at least explain how and why things happened.

It was terrible and I was my 115 minutes back. Well Probably like 107 of them.

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