Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 18, 2006 · 3 comments

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Here is a standard recap of the last few days and a general update of life:

Tuesday I had a nice chat with my boss and we pretty much wrapped up what will be going down in the future and I was quite pleased with the way things have turned out.

My last day of work was on Wednesday, which just happened to be a pub night… I ended up working late, 7:30 pm or something and still did not feel as though I was done… this is the weirdest job I have left, since I still feel as though i am working there…

Well Wed night I get to the bar and there is like 15 people from work there…which was awesome. I was fed drink after drink and got sauced…closed the bar and came home, apparently surfed the internet, ate? I have memories of vomiting, but do not think I did…I think I just had crazy dreams…perhaps nightmares about the worst shot I have ever had. A “brain hemorage” which is baileys and peach schnopps, it was fucking vile… bright red with brain mater on the top…looked gross, tasted worse.

Anyhow, Thursday I was not very productive, but went to Fast Eddies which was pretty much a brilliant cure for the hangover. Thanks for the idea Maria! After that I did some packing up of things and planned on taking a nap…and of course failed that. Then went out for a drink at a local “dance club” (c:< Well came from there and styed up well into the next day, finally sleeping at around 9:30am. I was up watching Seth Godins presentation at Google which was quite good. I watched mainly to see his speaking style, since I want to learn to become a better speaker, since I feel that I rush myself...so that needs to stop. After this I watched Daniel H. Wilson speak on a book he wrote: How to Survive a Robot Attack. I was not too impressed, the book sounds interesting, but almost too much of a mix of comedy and information. His speaking style was pretty weak and he kept referring to his PHD in robotic sciences...I swear he dropped this 30 times throughout the thing. He joked quite a bit, and had a sarcastic part to him which was not very appealing and did not seem professional at all. He had one joke which I thought was awesome, about lining their basements with the books...other then that I thought he jokes were bad, and even poorly done in the book. It reminds me of The Zombie Survival guide, which was actually written quit well, and written very seriously, even though it was a total joke. He seemed to take the idea, remove zombies and replace with robots, and remove all the seriousness and replace parts with humor... Bottom line, he seemed like an allright guy, shitty speaker, weak comedian, nothing ground breaking...I would rather of heard about the actual technologies used in his studies as well as his previous data mining information. The most fucked up thing were the questions the "googlers" asked at the end of the thing... you have to wonder if they were serious or if they were just trying to fuck with the guy. At one point one of the guys in the crowd asks a question referencing some sci-fi thing like it was common knowledge...it blew my mind. Anyhow I <3 nerds so if anyone reads this, don't be offended. Well here she is, Friday...St. Patrick's Day. I got a few hours of sleep, woke up, ran some errands then went in to work. From here I came home, planned to take a nap, and of course did not...then my friend IM'd me and told me his dad died. He has been sick a while, but it is still insane. What I remember of him was that he was an athletic man, who was very intimidating to us kids, very competitive, and would joke around with us. I was always a bit scared of him, but knew he was a good guy, similar the way I call my dad "the viking", mikes called his dad "rudeman". The best memory I have of him was when Mike and I were in the back seat of his car, right around the time when we were both obsessed with the batman movie (17 years ago), and he had some rear defroster/heater in the back wired to a switch in the front... I have no idea how it came up, but somehow he decided to "hit the turbo button" which consisted of him flipping the switch and flooring the car, so we heard the whirr of the fan, got thrown back in the seats and were in awe of his turbo car...he laughed about it for years... "you should have seen the looks on your faces". It was awesome and will always be remembered. I was not in much of a drinking mood tonight, but went downtown and decided to drive instead of take a cab or walk...and I am glad I did. I picked up a few friends and drove us downtown, I got a really sweet parking spot in front of the ar I wanted to go to, but it was PACKED, so we walked to another bar. We got in, were able to score some elbo room at a table, and bought a pitcher of green beer. It was fucking gross looking, but tasted like beer, and I was not in the mood for it. The others polished this and 2 more pitchers off ee all shared stories and joked and had a good time.For some reason the bar closed early and we were on the street looking for a new bar to go to. On our way over to Molleys, Sami and I were distracted by the sweet aroma of street meat. So we walked over there, the rest of the crew headed to Molleys. There there was this group of girls hudled up next to the heat of the stand waiting for a cab... good luck, there were hundreds of drunkards on the streets doing the same. Well Sami and I both enjoyed a delicious spicy street sausage (perhaps the title of a porn film) and got to watch the amazing interaction of drunks, creeps, and street vendors. We ended up talking to the frozen girls and I ended up volunteering to drive their frozen asses home. I think it made their night and probably prevented the girl in sandals from getting frostbite on her toes. On my way back to downtown (they lived at the college) i felt like I was in night of the living dead. There were 100's of drunken college kids roaming the streets attracked to anything with headlights thinking it was a cab. It was crazy. I had to dodge drunkards right and left. I finally got back in to Molleys and got to see "the glorey holes" finish their set which was pretty awesome. Again it was like there were undead drunkards in full effect...one guy was even smoking inside (illegal in ontario)...it was brilliant. I told the crew about the zombies outside and we checked it out. We drove around a bit and decided it would be fun to heckle the zombies...so we did, it was great and made me feel "all growed up". if you read this please answer these in the comments:  1. What did you do for St. Patrick's Day? 2. What was the most drunken thing you saw someone do?

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1 jamie 03.18.06 at 10:21 am

Hey man,

We went out to Pennywhistle and the Manor.
The night ended with a trip to Golden Crown.

Didnt get as crazy as I did on Wednesday, but that was for an occasion more important than St. Patrick’s Day.

Peace dog and good luck!

2 mikey! 03.19.06 at 11:07 am

1. Absolutely nothing. fell asleep on my couch (it was good).

2. I saw a kid vomit up an entire stomach-full of everclear and red coolaid, slip on it, both feet fly out from underneath him (i swear to god he leveled out 2 feet up in the air), and crashed down hard hard hard onto the floor into the spew. I finished brushing my teeth before deciding to go get this idiot’s roommate to clean him up.

3 alchy 03.20.06 at 10:17 am

I got drunk. Went back and forth between Jimmy Jazz and The Palace… yea the palace.. my lady friend was there(even tho she is only 18 hahAh) and then passed out at 1 at home and woke up at about 1:30 with the lady in my bed asking me if i was sleeping… I think i have to put an end to the drop by… it is going to get troublesome..

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