How is your USA?

March 30, 2006 · 3 comments

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So I have been back in the good ol US of A for the last few days… here is a recap:

Last tuesday my movers came and packed up my apartment. That night my sister and I started our drive to Montreal. Since we got a late start we stopped about halfway to a city called belleville, ontario. (I think). It reminded me of galt ontario or downtown aurora illinois, I was not very impressed but we did get waffles the next morning!

Montreal was pretty neat. It was like no where I have ever been before, and It did not seem too european, which is what most people were saying it was. There was a lot of nudey bars, but I did not get the chance to check any out…hahaha. There was also a massive ammount of shopping to do, but I did not feel like buying anything. The food was pretty good, the public transportation was crazy nice and clean, the hotel we stayed at was awesome, a 4 star Omni, that we got on priceline for $75 a night, which rules, and everything was in French. I was worried about the language barrier, but everyone was nice, and everyone we talked to spoke english.

We checked out some olympic tower thing, which had an amazing view, the biodome (Pauly Shore was no where to be found), the museum of modern art, old Montreal, the oldest/biggest Church in Montreal and some other things. The church was pretty neat, and the guy giving the tour was amazing. Montreal is the shortened version of Mount Royal, which is pretty sweet. I now call it MountRoyal with a dirty French accent which rules.

I would like to see the city in summer and go with a group of rowdies and see some the sleazier things in the city (:

Well on Friday we drove back the entire way from Montreal to Chicago…we made crazy good time doing the whole trip in like 13 hrs, which is pretty bad ass.

I have been cleaning things up a bit, went car shopping and some other stuff this week and actually now have a wicked cold. Yesterday my internet arrived. I actually enjoyed not being online for a week, but I felt as though I had no idea what was going on in the world…which is not really the worst thing.

Tonight I ordered a pizza and realised what I miss about the US. Some reason I ordered a large pizza thinking it will last me a few meals…the thing does not even fit in my fridge… I had to wrap it into seperate foil poches and will have food well into the weekend…all for 22.00 delivered with a 2 liter RC cola… I was hoping to lose weight, but at this rate I will be 300lbs by August, and I canot wait. More of the trose to love. Also earlier this week I went to dinner with a friend and I thought the prices were crazy cheap, perhaps Canada is way more expensive to eat like a king?

My stuff is finally supposed to arrive on sat, and my car should be coming in from Japan sometime next week as well. Full reviews on both to follow…

The title of this post is the question: How is your USA?

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1 Alton 03.31.06 at 3:39 am

Glad you are back man. We need to get together and discuss some business soon.

2 Bentley 04.01.06 at 3:25 pm

Aye George! My USA includes drunken shenanigans with the good Dr. Wertrose! I had a blast with you lads in NYC, and I hope our paths cross again in the near future 😉 Stay cool, brutha.

3 Pam 04.05.06 at 6:23 am

Hah. I came here after googling ‘reset ipod’. I used to live in Belleville. Horrid little town 😉

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