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April 2006

So I have been listening to archives of SEO Rockstars and hearing oilman and webguerrilla talk about how the site link condom ( is somehow the ultimate example of the google sandbox…so I look at the site and do some werty style diagnostics (look at the page)… and something kind of pops out at me… no mention of the phrase “link condom” at all on the page…it is on there once and done as one word linkcondom… so they are depending on nothing but link weight to rank number one for the phrase.


I switched to feedburner tonight after taking a long time to switch over. Links can be found on the right or here:

I may as well plug Rae’s feedburner interview while I am at it.


So it has been a while and I have been a pretty busy boy. Other then moving and unpacking/packing/cleaning etc I have been up to a bunch of others things: