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April 19, 2006 · 0 comments

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So it has been a while and I have been a pretty busy boy. Other then moving and unpacking/packing/cleaning etc I have been up to a bunch of others things:

2 weeks ago i was at WITS (WebMasters In The Sun), which was a great time. It was my first time down to San Diego and it was a beautiful city, although the night life left something to be desired…everything seemed to close pretty early. I would like to thank the sponsors of the event for making it a blast; 888, Einstein Medical, InjuryBoard, and Net Visibility. I would also like to thank all the people who lost at poker, other then Chris R, who took me out and came in 1st at the poker tournament (c: All in all WITS was awesome, nothing like the one in Spain, but damn good all the same. Everyone at the event was great and I got to shoot the shit with lots of the top people in the industry and hear stories about them related to the web and to their lives away from it.

Well when I got back from San Diego thing were crappy for a good week. I managed to destroy my back, it was brilliant. I could barely walk. In addition to that I told Mazda to eat a dick, since I felt they were dicking me around with a car that I put money down on and I decide to wait on getting a brand new car and will probably get some sweet used ride for the time being. Also I cancelled my trip to Boston because of my back which means I will be missing out on seeing a bunch of friends and seeing a new city…not so good.

This week is already better then last, I can walk around fine this week, the business is finally starting to gain a bit of momentum. I have a couple clients lined up, and was interviewed by BusinessWeek today which is hilarious and exciting. Supposedly that will be coming out in a week…hopefully I will not come off as an ass or inexperienced, we will see though.

Other then that I think I have been taking it almost too easy and need to start whipping things in the ass and making strides…towards a goal…need to indentify my goals. I have been getting lots of sleep lately which means I have been having crazy dreams…ranging from weird mashups of flea markets and SEO conferences, with parts of mad max…then you have other crazy ones involving the a business selling fish… some crazy stuff…all brilliant.

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