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May 4, 2006 · 2 comments

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Here is a list of my favorite firefox plugins that I use all the time. I got the idea from jimbo over at LBE. I am now using this as a reminder to myself if my firefox ever dies on me and I need to re-install them.

  • searchstatus 1.15 – displays pagerank and alexa ranking, also allows nofollow links to be easily highlighted.
  • roboform – fills in forms/stores passwords (paid). I could not live with out this program.
  • gmail manager – allows you to manage multiple gmail accounts and shows their status
  • split link – supposedly shows you where a redirect link actually redirects you. Liek the poor mans version of HTTP Watch used for IE.
  • IE Tab – allows you to open IE windows in firefox, good for adcenter
  • Duplicate tab – allows you to duplicate the current tab to a new tab or window and keeps the history
  • colorful tabs – ads som ecolor to multiple tabs
  • tabbrowser preferences – control over tab usage
  • bugmenot – fills some registration things with accounts other peopel created, good for newspaper sites
  • user agent switcher – lets you change user agents, good for finding out if someone is using bot cloaking on a website
  • – portable bookmarking
  • sage – rss reader
  • ie view – launches the site in an IE browser
  • web developer – allows you to turn of css /java etc
  • pearl crescent page saver – allows you to screen capture the entire webpage (including things you have to scroll down to) as a png file. this is pretty much an awesome plugin, it allows you the same features of a paid screen capture program…it is great for documenting changes to a website for a client or designer. Another way to describe it would be full page print screen.

What are some of your favorite firefox plugins that I did not list?

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1 Mike 05.05.06 at 6:45 am

Hi, nice blog and thx for the info.

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Michael Rad

2 Werty 05.06.06 at 9:50 am

I would recommend checking out aaron walls book, it is like 80 bucks:

He knows his shit and his book documents it.

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