Fuck TicketMaster

May 2, 2006 · 22 comments

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TicketMaster Sucks!!!!

Oh my god…what a shitty company… I went online to order a ticket for the upcoming Mogwai show at the Metro (in Chicago). The tickets are $18.00 each which I am fine with…well then wonderful ticketmaster tacks on the following:

Full Price Tickets US $18.00 x 1
Total Building Facility Charge(s) US $1.00 x 1
Total Convenience Charge(s) US $6.75 x 1
Additional Taxes US $0.27
Order Processing Charge(s) US $4.80
Standard Mail No Charge

Building fee I am fine with, convenience fee, I am okay with…taxes I am a but pissed about and then a $4.80 order processing fee? What the fuck? That tacks on $12.82 to am $18.00 ticket? 71% surcharge…are they the mafia? Fuck that. I will try and have some one in the area pick me up a ticket because you can get them for 19.00 in advance or $21.00 the day of.

Here is some more information on those douche bags over at ticketmaster: http://www.trashcity.org/ARTICLES/TICKET.HTM

What do you think of ticketmaster and would you order tickets from them?

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1 the king 05.12.06 at 4:55 pm

ticketmaster has been ruining concert experiences for me since forever and they just keep getting worse. by phone internet or outlet they suck legallized scalpeing. they now have auctions on there site. along with over charged service fees. there second right to the scalpers. fuck them. no info can ever be obtained. fuckin random draw. fucking wristbands. this company is a discrace. the c.e.o should be killed any. these company needs to fold fast. someone please hack them. destroy them, shut them down. enough is enough. its ruining concerts for everyone. no good has ever come from this company. futhermore artist’s should stop going through t.m for there ticket sales. this is a demand not request. ban fuckin ticketmaster from civilization.

2 James 05.24.06 at 6:46 pm

Duder, if you ever need tickets from the Metro let me know. I will take a walk to the box office for you.

3 Chris Santoro 10.28.06 at 8:42 pm

Yeah, ticketmaster is a legalized monopoly. The only option we really have is to not buy tickets from them. Although noone is holding a gun to our heads, in a situation where you might be driving two hours or more to go to a show (such as I am with Broken Social Scene this thursday in Tampa), you really have no choice if you don’t want to drive all that way and find out it’s sold out. I’m not so mad that they are a rip off, but more so that there is NO COMPETITION, and thus no incentive to charge a competitive price.

I wonder if people could somehow organize on the internet to change this….

4 Warren 06.02.07 at 3:00 pm

FUCK online ticket purchasing and FUCK Ticketmaster!!!!

5 choked 12.12.07 at 1:19 pm

stupid ticketmaster … lick my balls

6 Courtney 02.19.08 at 9:39 pm

Well I have one that takes the cake. After purchasing 4 tickets ($150/seat) for one section, i was sent via TicketFast different seats in section that are $85/seat!! And because I was on a labtop on the move I didnt print anything so after talking to customer service 5 times a supervisor basically said he knows the seats I bought are the wrong price but because they have a no refund policy he wont fix it and that he already has my money and can careless about my business. Needless to say Im disputing the charge on my credit card and will drive my ass to will call to buy tickets from now on. fuck you ticketmaster and the supervisor guy for Los Angeles customer service!

7 Rory 04.10.08 at 9:20 pm

After trying to purchase tickets for a show I decided that because of the price I was being charged for ticket-Bastard providing me “convenience” at the cost of $10.00 I don’t need to give them that. I know that’s not as much as other people have commented on but I just so annoyed. I personally stopped buying tickets form ticketfuckster a long time ago and now drive around with a nice bumper sticker that lets the rest of the my fellow upstate NY drivers know that I think they SUCK. I don’t know the legality of these bumper stickers but they should be sold and the money raised used to help finance a new ticket broker.

8 Dante 06.07.08 at 12:51 pm


They are nothing less than a Mafia. They are legalized scalpers. They charge so much fucking fees, on top of the ticket price which in itself is ridiculous, that they should be taken to court. On top of that, you can not get good seats (floor or loge seats) to any concert event because they allocate those seat for their affiliate/business partner TicketNow.com and Ticketnow sells them for more than 7 times the original cost.


9 mo 09.13.08 at 12:53 pm

Fuck cockmaster all they like doing is fucking the hard working american in the ass. Fucking son’s of bitch’s you can’t find Metalica tickets to buy but you can find them on their fucking auction. Suck my balls cockmaster, you fucking bastards.

10 FUCK TICKETMASTER 10.08.08 at 1:35 am

This is what I’d like to do to those fucks over at ticketmaster…First I’d fucking cut of each and every finger and fucking toe one by one, cauterizing each gaping wound with a white-hot iron so the cocksuckers can’t just bleed out. Then when I got bored doing that I’d fucking cut of each arm and each leg and all other appendages repeating the cauterization…Then I’d ram a fucking burning hot gutter spike into each ear til they were fucking deaf…then I’d pop each one of their fucking eyeballs out…so this fuck would be laying there an armless, legless, blind and deaf mass of flesh then I drag this sack of worthless shit from the back of my car for about 20 miles…Then i’d hook this scumbag up to and IV to keep him alive for as long as possible…I’d fucking release those fucking ants from the discovery channel all over this bitch so they would crawl in their mouths and up their asses and just eat them away from the inside out….And then I’d feel better…FUCK YOU TICKETMASTER !!!

11 FUCK TICKETMASTER 10.08.08 at 1:39 am

Oh Yeah…Then I’d repeat this process on those fucking motherfucks over at PayPal and eBay….and everthing in the world would be right…I get a fucking hardon just imagining it…

12 Dan 10.18.08 at 9:26 am


I just tried to order Phish tickets. I had my page refresh RIGHT at 10 am, the on-sale time, hit “look for tickets,” and, after waiting anxiously for the next page to load, I was treated to “An Unexplained Error Has Occured, Please Try Your Request Again” – translation: “Ticketmaster FUCKED You, and While You Were Waiting For Us To Put the Condom On (We Didn’t), Fifty-Thousand Other People Bought Your Tickets! Try Again Soon!”

I tried again. Yea, I did – not for Ticketbastard, but for Phish. You know what happened? The “Type These Words to Prove You’re Not a Computer” picture DIDN’T LOAD! THREE TIMES IN A ROW!

Conclusion: truly Ticketbastard is the spawn of satan.

13 fuckem!!! 10.20.08 at 6:47 pm

And to add to this big pot of warm runny feces……………it was made very public today, wether we knew it beforehand……..TicketBastard also owns and operates Ticketsnow………
So what the fucks do is remove a large portion of tickets from Ticketbastards site, and put them up for sale on Ticketsnow at about a 8 billion % markup.
So if you got fucked for tix for AC/DC from TB…..you can go to TN and get fucked harder, plus you get a wet kiss when they are done………….

14 jeremy 12.21.08 at 10:18 pm



15 Weaver 04.23.09 at 6:59 pm

Cant see th dead cuz ticketbastard made beeing a deadhead an elitest group.
What a bunch of Fucktards!!!
Now I pay nothing for music.But I still listen!

16 tara 04.21.10 at 11:48 pm

Pearl Jam tic’s are $100.00. PJ used to be the “anti-ticket master”. I saw them in Red Rocks Co. in the mid 90’s for 18-20.00. Wtf???????????????

17 Brian 06.27.10 at 2:51 am

I just looked up tickets to the Upcoming Deftones show at the House of Blues in Orlando. The Ticket was $26 and change which is fine, but when you tack on the three separate fees they add on, it comes out to $42+ per ticket. That’s a total service fee of 56%. Fucking bullshit.

18 Joe 07.13.10 at 5:02 pm

@tara–Pearl Jam actually went to court over it, they eventually had to cancel their tour and lost the suit anyway. It was estimated to cost them almost $3m. The problem is that ticketmaster has exclusivity agreements with 70% of the venues across the country, meaning the venues are disallowed to sell tickets without ticketmaster involvement. This is a monopoly in its truest form and a good indication of the direction this country is headed.

19 Ryan 09.13.10 at 6:19 pm

Ticketmaster can suck one. They made physical box offices obsolete. It’s a rare thing, at least in Los Angeles, when you even have the option of buying tickets from a box office.

20 RD 11.03.21 at 12:47 pm

Terrible customer service. End of story.

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