9 National Parks to See in the USA

August 2, 2006 · 5 comments

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I was watching some show on the travel channel and took notes on some sweet places in the USA that I need to see. I am thinking this will need to take place either over the winter or next spring?

Here they are:

Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico: these are some giant ass caves located in New Mexico. There is a 50’s diner style restaurant down in the caverns so the show said, which is kinda cool. I Have never been to Mexico, but this will now be penciled in.

Grand Canyon – Arizona. I have never seen this thing other then from a plane. I need to see it.

Yellow Stone National Park
– Wyoming
. I went to this when I was like 7 years old and do not remember too much of it all. I think I would enjoy/appriciate it more as an adult, especially with the state of mind I have been in as of late.

Arches Park – Utah. This is a giant park that features rock formations that are giant arches of rock. It has over 2000 arches that you can explore.

Columbia River Valley – Oregon. I think this is the right place, supposedly has 100’s of waterfalls and is green as hell. Just what the doctor ordered.

Mount Hood – Oregon. This is supposed to be a great place to ski, but I say fuck that, since I don’t ski. What attracts me to it is the fact that it is a giant snow covered mountain, and I have not really experienced mountains since I was kid. Another crazy thing is that Mount Hood is actually a Volcano…

Channel Islands – California. These are supposedly the US equivlant of the galapagos islands and much easier to get to. They 145 specias of plants and animals ONLY found on the islands, and over 2,000 species total. Supposedly there is tons of sea life there, and if you want to dive to see it, you will get your ass eaten by a shark.

Redwood National and State Parks – California.
Home to some of the worlds tallest trees. I want to see this before they are either under water or we somehow turn them into a fuel source. Some of the trees are over 2000 years old, and others are large enough that they have build tunnels through them. I just cannot imagine seeing these trees in person. This may be the first choice of places to see on this list.

Yosemite National Park – California. This is supposed to be the greatest national park in the USA, and I am yet to see it.

I am interested to know which of these parks/places you have seen and which are worth checking out? Any suggestions on the best time to visit them?

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1 your_store 08.02.06 at 6:59 pm

Saw most of the ones on the west coast while I was living in CA. The redwoods are breath-taking, and I’m not really the biggest nature guy out there.

Going from bright sunlight to darkness under the trees.. you definitely should see it.

2 Werty 08.02.06 at 7:06 pm

Yeah I cannot wait to see the trees in person. I think it will be one of the top 20 experiences of my life.

3 elaine 07.11.07 at 3:13 pm

We just got back from the Grand Canyon.What an amazing sight!I recommend you go.It is breathtaking!

4 cb 11.06.07 at 5:14 pm

Crater Lake Oregon, one of the most beautiful things ive ever seen in my damn life. and ive seen alot.

5 melissa 09.22.08 at 3:59 pm

just came across your list of must see places. looks like it’s been a couple years since you started planning this. Wanted to know which places you’ve managed to see. I’m planning a similar trip next summer and would love your feedback.

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