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August 5, 2006 · 0 comments

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I recieved an email the other day letting me know I have been added to a site called Blogs with a Face
which I thought was kind of odd, so I checked it out and looked to see whate it was all about.

After a minute I found my mugshot located among the other 600 found on the top of the site (12th row down, 11th from the right). Many people say it similar to the million dollar homepage, and I would agree it is from a looks standpoint, but it does not appear to have the goal of making money.

I wrote Thomsen Young, who I guess founded the site and wondered why or how he found my site and added it. He said he found it via best of the web and that he liked it… cool.

It is kinda neat to be featured on the site next to such names as the naked chef and this modern world.
Anyhow check out blogs with a face.

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