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August 11, 2006 · 2 comments

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So I am back from SES San Jose 2006, and I got to say the coolest thing I found there were the Google AdWords Radio Ads… holy shit, I think this will be revolutionary in both technology as well as earnings potential. I think there will be some great opportunity there for what the locals like to call arbitrage.

When I first say the demo of the product it did not really sink in, nor did I fully understand what the product was. After a few minutes of talking to one of the Google staff members and walking through their screenshots of the software it sunk in.

You get 30 seconds or a minute to sell this person rather than just 25 characters, 35 characters, 35 characters… let the fun begin.

The hard part will be getting these people to go online in order to hit your website and make an action. It may help bring a whole second wave of fun 800 numbers however.

I wish I had screenshots of the system, but it allows you to chose day parting, as well as some demographic data plus the program type and location to where you want the listeners to be.

The Google Radio Advertising is based on a CPM basis, which is sort of cool. I thought it was kind of high when I saw a $17 cpm for a tiny 100 listener profile, but then I thought about it… you would only be paying $1.7 to waste 1 minute of 100 peoples time…and I fell in love with the idea.

Now my mission is to buy back my life by wasting other peoples (c:

Average male life span =  75 years, 27375 days, 657,000 hours or 39,420,000 minutes.

At a $17 CPM I would need to spend $670,140 to do so… hummm maybe I can somehow make wasting other peoples time profitable (c:

I contacted dMarc and am looking forward to testing this out.

Background: Google bought a company called dMarc Media for 112 million, and will be creating Google Radio Ads which is yet to have a page or beta that I know of… I am trying to get in to be able to test it out. I hope they open it up to a low life like myself rather than just the big brands.

What are your thoughts on this new technology and would you try advertising on the radio?

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1 jon 08.15.06 at 5:20 pm

this is going to absolutely sink all the “spot” companies out there.

basically, google is looking to cut out the middle man and give the power back to stations to do auction off their open space directly rather than through agencies.

i say BRING IT.

2 Ken 09.14.06 at 10:30 am

I do a lot of AdWords text ads. They are superb. So I’m watching the Radio Ads closely. The Video Ads launched a couple of months back, and utilization of those seems to be very low. So, should be interesting to see if the Radio format is different.

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