Christmas Before Halloween?

October 31, 2006 · 0 comments

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Lately I have thought as christmas as a pretty bloated holiday that kind of gets on my nerves…this year a new button was pushed… it is not even Halloween yet and there are ads in the paper pushing Christmas decoration and gifts. When did our lives become so empty that our only redemption comes from a bullshit holiday that comes once a year?

I am honestly thinking of boycotting the holiday completely this year. I do not give a fuck about a day off anymore because I no longer have a real job so my boss (that would be me) lets me take off any day I want.

Since I do sell shit online I am wondering how crazy this years XMAS will be in terms of volume… part of me wants to quit pushing real products that jokers would buy for Xmas and stick strickly to services…another part of me wants to extract as much money from these brainless drones as possible.

Seriously though when the fuck did xmas become a 3 month long holiday?

I am thinking my christmas decorations this year will consist of a pirate flag.

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