AMEX and the new AOL?

October 26, 2006 · 4 comments

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Do you remember how people used to be so angry with all the AOL cds that would be free in the mail and magazines and all that? Here are some links if you forgot: and .

Well I have 2 new complaints to add to the list and it seems like whever I check my work PO box I have one from and at least twice weekly I get one kind of AMEX junk mail at home.

I think AMEX has to do with the fact I set up a LLC at my home address, and the mails worked, I actually signed up for one of their Small business cards, a AMEX Platinum Business Card to be exact, yet the mail still keeps coming. They send me snail mail for Platinum Business, Gold Business, Blue, etc. These usually come in window envelopes with a fake plastic CC in them, and then every other week they send a full size envelope to try and get me to sign up for an air miles AMEX. It makes no sense.

Even more similar to AOL is the mailers. They come in 2 varieties, one that contains a free cd, and one that is just a pamphlet. I think I have sent 3 letters EVER since I started this business and I do everything by fax or email… yet these cds and cardstock mailers keep coming into my PO box. I think the post office must have sold my address to them.

I check the po box probably twice a week and I am guaranteed to have some sort of “ship directly from your computer” type letter in my mailbox per week. We are an internet company, never send mail, and I care for the environment a bit… how do you make this stop?

Who do you get tons of traditional (snail mail) spam mail from?

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1 aaron wall 10.27.06 at 2:50 am

I get lots of internet registry scam mails…so I made sure I ranked for their brand name to warn others away from them.

2 aaron wall 10.27.06 at 2:51 am

btw…caring about the environment…one wouldnt think that based on the condition of your Bonnaroo campsite. questionable, Werty.

3 mikey 10.27.06 at 7:29 am

I have an American express, and I typically receive at least 2 pieces of AMEX mail per week. They send out tons and tons of crap.

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