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October 3, 2006 · 4 comments

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It seems like every major chain store has its own version of the Dyson DC14 Vacuum. Choosing the right one can be pretty tough so I listed all the various models to let you know what they come with, the new price, and the refurbished to help you compare which Dyson DC14 is right for you.

If you are wondering what the various accessories do, read my Dyson Accessories and Attachments page.

Here is a comparison of all the different Dyson DC14 models available:

Dyson Full Kit: Extra Filter, Turbine Hand Tool, Bare Floor Tool and all the onboard accessories the others come with. The color is white, which is okay, but I wish it was wackier looking. New ones are only available through Costco, but refurbished can be found on Amazon and elsewhere. It is the same vacuum as the DC14 All Floors, but with more accessories. New 469.99 (costco), refurbished 339.99 (Amazon). Read my full DC14 review here.

Dyson All Floors: This is the barebones DC14 model. It comes with the vacuum and the onboard accessories. It is yellow, and costs $429.99 new, $329.99 refurbished.

Dyson DC14 Animal: This is the DC14 base vacuum, with the mini turbine head, carpet care kit (stuff you sprinkle on and suck off), low reach floor tool. It comes in a cool purple color. New $549.99, refurbished 399.99 (amazon)

DC14 Low Reach: This Dyson comes is the DC14 base vacume, with only the Low Reach Floor Tool. It is a red. New $459.99, refurbished $339.99 (amazon)

Dyson DC14 Total Clean: This comes with the DC14 base vacuum, stiff bristle brush, mattress cleaning tool and mini turbine head. It is grey and only available at Sam’s Club. Cost is $459.99. Could not find refurbished.

DC14 Drive: Base DC14 plus car turbine head, stiff bristle brush, flexi crevice tool. Cost is $459.99 and only available at Target. Could not find reconditioned.

Dyson DC14 Full Access: Low access turbine head, flexi-crevice tool and an extra lifetime filter. Available only at Best Buy. In a purple and orange. $529.99 new, could not find refurbished.

DC14 Complete: Base DC14 plus, mini turbine head, low reach floor tool, dusting tool and the mattress cleaning tool. Grey in color, only available from Sears and cost is $589.99 new, $399.99 remanufactured at Amazon.

Then we move on to the DC15 series, also called the Dyson Ball which has a swivel, which , allows for easier steering and also allows the vacuum to go under lower items, one of the main drawbacks of the DC14 and DC7.

The original Dyson Vacuum was the DC07. It lacks the telescoping reach of the DC14 and DC15, as well as the large debris channel, which allows you to pick up larger items. The DC07 also had a harder to use reversible wand, which is now replaced by the telescoping handles. The DV15 also ads a mororized brush, so that it has extra power and does not barrow power from the suction motors. It also does not use belts.

There is also the Dyson DC11 Canister Vacuum which is now discontinued. There are rumors floating around that it will soon be replaced by another canister?

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1 LauraPv 02.20.09 at 10:50 pm

Great website!!! Wish I had found you 12 hours earlier.
I spent all day checking prices on various sites and going to stores to find prices on the Dyson DC 14, after borrowing my neighbors. I just got confused on the different colors, prices and accessories options. You made sense of what I saw today ! Thank-you

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