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October 3, 2006 · 12 comments

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Here are pictures of all the extra things my Dyson picked up versus my Oreck XL.

These are from 2 carpeted rooms, about 12×12 and 14×20:

dyson1.jpg dyson3.jpg

The Dyson filled up quickly and I had to empty it. It was pretty gross, but the next ones are even worse.

These are from my bedroom – 12×12 berber carpet and my small kitchen:

dyson4.jpg dyson6.jpg

What makes it worse is that all this extra dust and dirt was sitting inches from head where I slept:


Pretty disgusting whatever way you look at it. People think I am nuts for buying a $500 vacuum (I paid around 300) but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

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1 Rae 10.11.06 at 9:39 pm

OMG, you are fucking WHORING in your own home. WHORE. 🙂

2 Lynn 08.12.07 at 8:08 pm

I’ve been wanting one, but now I REALLY want one. I’m gonna tell my husband: not in 5 months. Life is short. Now honey, NOW!!!! I’ll even use the mattress vacuum – sounds powerful enough to suck up invisible mites. Can’t wait to use it in the back of the jeep where dog hairs are deeply embedded in the carpet. Long cord and all – I’m sold.

3 patty 01.02.08 at 9:35 am

I bought the Dyson DC14 Drive at Target a few months ago. I have the same experience every time I vacuum, and the canister fills up exactly like yours does! Really gross, but this thing is nothing short of a miracle. I also purchased the wide angle floor attachment to use in the living room, and it works great! Love this thing!

4 Jewels 01.08.08 at 4:14 pm

I bought my Dyson last night and it is being delivered today. My son has severe allergies espeically to dust mites and after seeing the pictures (WOW and GROSS at the same time)I am SURE the Dyson is going to help solve part if not most of the problem! I can’t wait to use it!!

5 Saad 06.07.08 at 5:11 am

I am at tech guy and into computers n stuff,recently bought dyson DC18Allergy and after using it for a week Now I’ve bought DC22,DC11,DC07.. ask me why? …it sucks n sucks thats all,its a beauty,its technology in your hands,they are expensive but worth paying after 1st use.well I am addicted to DYSON now n vacuum daily here n there where never did b4.The problem is what I am going to do with all these as one is enough, well after enjoying the technology of Dyson I decided to send it to the place where DYSON is not available and people do suffer dust n pollan allergy, I am sending them lot one by one to my family in Asia.Orders have already been taken lol.

6 Saad 06.07.08 at 5:13 am

Its a life time Vacuuming Experience(copy right)

7 Andrew 04.29.09 at 8:50 pm

The pickup is similar to the Eureka BOSS vacuum I use on another floor. I know there’s a lot of dust and dirt in there, but it also seems like both my vacuums brush bars are taking of carpet fibers which make up a lot of the canister. I hope it’s negligible, but probably will mean replacing carpets sooner? Or maybe it’s just me. Other than that, I love my Dyson. Using the hose and attachements is soo much quicker and easier than with the Eureka.

8 Bubba 06.16.09 at 10:19 am

Amazing. This thing sucks so hard, that if it had breasts, I’d marry it.

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