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October 15, 2006 · 1 comment

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Just if you wondering If I changed this site to be only about dyson vacuums I have not… sure it seems that way but that is not true.

What is true is that I really do like to see how stuff works and things like that so I kind went of the deep end and wrote about it. The handheld was just dumb luck for me that it landed in my inbox, found no news on it  and decided to be the first blogger to cover it…i submitted it to digg and a day later on was on the front page. That was pretty awesome. My server could not handle the traffic which I think got to about 8000 between 7am and 8am, which is a new high for this piece. At the end of the day I ended up getting areound 11,000 unique visitors yesterday which was pretty awesome. There is still a bit of a trickle coming in now… hopefully it will hang out for a bit.

Other then that the last few weeks have been pretty busy for me… I have worked a bit, and stuff has started to seem to take off a bit in the last week which is quite encouraging. In addition to that things have just seemed to be off for me. Yeah I have been busy, but my mind does not seem to working properly. I feel like I am being pulled in numerous directions at once, and not sure which one is the right one. It also feels like I have not made much improvement in my life in the last year or so… things have been kind of steady…and I have been feeling uneasy.
I looked through a notepad that I used for lists and notes since XMAS break last year when I came home from Canada, and I knew I was not going to stay. It was pretty interesting. It contained crazy lists of pretty much everything I would need to do in order to move.

From that there are some other crazy lists, ideas I forgot about, some drawings and other crazy things.

Here a few choice quotes, some I think I may have written:

  • maybe someday you’ll escape your past
  • If I change my mind will it change my choices. If I change my choices will I change my life?
  • 2 kinds of loss, physical and chemical
  • have you ever seen yourself through the eyes of someone else you have become
  • do things that evolve me

Other then the wackiness above I noticed a pattern of bullshit that was in there that brought me down. Dissappointment. There were notes from all these flakey ass fucks I have dealt with in the last year… ranging from the dickhead car dealer, multi million dollar companies who were full of shit in one way or another and wasted lots of my time…and not only that, took away any interest I had in an industry I used to love. I do not know where I am going with this, other than I feel like I have learned my lesson that people do not respect your time and there are better things to do than deal with assholes.

So here is a big fuck you to Barry, Bart, comcast, monte, mike, mazda, ask, joe, tailor, kandice, chase and nathan.

It was good to realize what was putting me in a slump lately… and I think it helped clear my head a bit…and hopefully with that some other things will follow and let me start moving again, rather then sitting idle or moving backwards.

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1 mikey 10.15.06 at 9:37 pm

yo dude. as always, you know that if there’s anything I can do to help, I Will. these soft hands are always available for you.

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