Dyson DC16 Root 6: The First Handheld Vacuum That Does Not Lose Suction

October 12, 2006 · 49 comments

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Leave it to James Dyson to come up with a revolutionary new handheld vacuum. My guess is they are releasing the DC16 Root 6 just in time for the holiday season, when husbands get their wives exactly what they want for XMAS…


The Dyson Root 6 takes much of the technology found in their full size upright vacuums and shrinks it down to a weird looking handheld that will cost 3-5 times the price of your standard dustbuster.

Lets explore the features:

  • Cool Looks? – The Dyson Root 6 resembles more of a steam cleaner or painting tool than a vacuum.
  • Root Cyclone Technology – The Root 6 uses the same cyclonic action as the full size vacuums to be powerful and not lose suction when the canister starts to fill.
  • Quick Recharging – The Root 6 uses lithium ion batteries which can recharge up to 3 times faster than the NiCad batteries of their competitors. Lithium ion batteries are used in newer electronic devices including cell phones, laptops, and iPods.
  • Hygienic and Quick To Empty – Like the uprights the new handheld uses bag less one touch bin emptying.
  • Attachments – It looks like it has a nice dusting brush. Also has a crevice tool
  • No Extra Costs – No filters to replace… I think my dustbuster of years back only needed the filter replaced once…it would get pretty nasty though. Still you should not have extra costs when you drop $150 on a dustbuster.
root_cyclone.jpg combination_tool.jpg

I am interested in getting my hands on this and getting a full review. For the price point it seems ridiculous, but the premium price point did not stop thousands (millions?) of jokers to pick up their $500+ DC07 and DC14 units. I have been extremely happy with the performance of my DC14 and I am thinking the DC16 will not dissappoint those who can afford it.

Official Dyson Site

What are your thoughts on this? Does it look cool. Is it worth the price? Are you asking for one for Xmas?

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1 Adam 10.13.06 at 8:47 am

I drive a taxi and spend the equivalent of $10 a week on vacuuming and washing. For me, $150 (£99 in the UK) seems like a good price.
I recently bought a dirt devil dustbuster style handheld vacuum and it wouldnt even touch the dirt. If this is is half as good as a DC01, 07, or 14, i’ll buy one.

2 arrakistor 10.13.06 at 8:53 am

The Dyson doesn’t lose suction, but if you read consumer reports you learn it never had much suction to begin with.

3 Jeremy 10.13.06 at 8:56 am

It looks like a cross between a dust buster, a tank and a machine gun.

4 George 10.13.06 at 9:17 am

Dysons (and other bagless vacuums) don’t filter well. Don’t believe me? Remove your HEPA-type exhaust filter and look at what’s under it. Mine is 6 months old. The filter is turning black and there’s at least a tablespoon of sand under the filter. That sand had to pass through the bin AND the motor in order to get where it is. Why would this handvac filter any better? We paid over $400 for a Malaysian-made vacuum which probably costs all of $40 to manufacture.

5 Sandy 10.13.06 at 10:11 am

If my husband bought that for me for Christmas, I’d certainly divorce him. This is a joke. Can you imagine how heavy that thing is? And $150???? Ridiculous.

6 Steve 10.13.06 at 10:30 am

Cool man!

7 Josh 10.13.06 at 11:12 am

as an engineer in training, we took apart a dyson cyclone model last year to trace the path of the dirt and conclude what would make it better. of all of the vaccuums we looked at, it was the best. however there were a lot of sharp edges which restrict the movement of dirt and other particles, notably larger particles/objects. i have the lab report somewhere. as Sandy states, the handheld vac does look heavy. suction is dependent uppon air flowrate Q which is dependent on velocity and area as well as a few other C.O.M. analyses. if there isn’t an exit velocity to an atmospheric or relatively low pressure, then the suction will always suck, pun intended. not sure what else to say about this…does it look cool? why would that matter? i don’t remember vacs being a chick magnet.

8 Justin 10.13.06 at 11:23 am

actually its only 3.3 lbs… check your facts Sandy.

9 Barney 10.13.06 at 11:28 am

Ha another over price pice of junk from dyson from dyson

10 Benton 10.13.06 at 11:29 am

This thing looks like a toy, oh and never losing sucktion is the biggest bunch of bull I have ever heard. Every vacuum out there will never lose suction if you properly maitain it. so whats the difference in this one. Bagless vacuums are a joke and they are bad for your health. and for the Cab driver go to your indepent vacuum dealer and they will provide you something much better then this.

11 Eli Lilly 10.13.06 at 11:34 am

If a regular vacuum loses suction but is still able to generate the amount of suction required to remove dirt effectively, who cares whether it lost suction or not? It’s not relevant.

12 Josh 10.13.06 at 12:34 pm

YOu hold 3.3lbs at the end of your arm for any great amount of time and most women will agree that is very tiring
As for the machine i would never pay 149.95 for a hand vac when i can get a small compact canister with more attachments that includes a blower port and has greater airflow I am sure than this machine for 129.95.

13 Sandy 10.13.06 at 12:52 pm

Sorry, I didn’t read anywhere that it is 3 lbs. However, 3 lbs in the hand of a petite woman would be heavy. Maybe not for a man, but a woman would find that product cumbersome and difficult to use.

14 Rick 10.13.06 at 5:23 pm

Those of you who say that the full-sized Dyson does not have much suction have no idea what you are talking about – mine will literally lift my carpet from the underlying pad.
Also, mine has almost no build-up at the HEPA filter after several months of use. Any vaccuum with a paper fiolter will begin to lose suction within minutes of use, and go downhill from there.
IMHO, the Dyson is the best available – the amount it pulled out of my carpet on first use after owning a high-end Hoover was simply amazing.

15 Jonathan 10.13.06 at 7:51 pm

My wife purchased a Dyson upright a few years ago and it’s amazing.

For one thing, after years of use it doesn’t STINK when you turn it on like ALL bag vacuums because there’s essentially no build up of dust in the machine compared to a regular vacuum.

For another, from the very first use I was absolutely amazed at the amount of dog hair and dirt it pulled out of our carpet compared to a regular vacuum.

Benton said: “Every vacuum out there will never lose suction if you properly maitain it. so whats the difference in this one.”

The difference is you *don’t have to maintain it*. Just use it and it works every time like the first time.

Benton also said: “Bagless vacuums are a joke and they are bad for your health.”

Your statement is a joke. Why on earth would they be bad for your health? Have you been watching Orec commercials again where they dump the bagless vacuum from a foot above the trashcan to ensure the dust goes all over. What’s that nasty smell when you turn on a normal vacuum? That’s the dirt and dust and mold in the bag being forced back into the air. The Dynon *smells clean*. And when I dump my Dyson I simply put it the bottom of it in the trash can and push the button that drops the bottom out. There’s no dust flying around. It’s insulting that Orec expects me to fall for his shenanigans.

I had no opinion on Dysons until I actually used one, but I never liked the musty smell that went along with vacuuming with a normal vacuum. The Dyson simply impressed me.

16 shane 10.13.06 at 9:36 pm


17 wildcat 10.15.06 at 8:26 pm

Shane, stop yelling at everyone.

First, every manufacturer that you can name spends money on advertising, ensuring you can name them, so that comment is rather nonsensical.

As someone that has owned bagless uprights, bagged uprights, and canisters BEFORE my DC14, I can tell you that the Dyson is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned or used. I’ll be purchasing a DC16 Root 6 very very soon, for myself. I might not even let my wife use it.

18 Codex 10.16.06 at 6:20 pm

Shane, Benton, George, what do you think is the best vacuum? I’ve tried a lot and Dyson was the first one to actually impress me. Oreck’s claims are a complete lie, and they spend a TON of money on advertising. Bowling ball my tookus. We have the yellow Oreck (upright and handheld, upright is no longer used) and an asthma patient having a full blown attack has more sucking ability than an Oreck. The handheld is marginally acceptable, but only cuz all other handhelds have pretty much no sucking ability at all. Bagless, bagged, whatever. The Dyson sucks up an incredible amount of dirt and dust. You actually have to be careful going over rugs cuz it’ll pull the loops right out. The Dyson sucked up far more stuff than any other vacuum I’ve tried. Benton is smoking crack if he thinks a bagless Dyson is worse for your health than an inferior bagged vacuum. Better the dirt goes in the Dyson than in my carpet or floating around my house.

19 Dean 10.16.06 at 9:26 pm

Hmm, $150 for a hand held vacumm, I don’t think they will sell a lot and I think it will be more of a elite novelty machine. Still I got to love their innovation.

20 JC 10.18.06 at 9:42 am

When I saw this, I knew I had to have it… a big gadgeteer I am… I had a $200 Best Buy GC, so why not? It is on pre-order… cannot wait to see it.

21 thexfile 10.22.06 at 7:28 am

i’m glad that dyson finaly has taken acount of the mails i send them telling them they would corner the market on dustbusters by minturizing there cyclone tegnologie….

i did some designs myself for a mashine , but whel mine never looked like that , although it had moast of the same principles….

to bad that dyson it yet again selling this produckt in the uk and whel for a dutshman like me that is somewhat syson obsesed it’s not fair…..

i have actualy stared my collection withe a DC8 animal pro that was purple and lime green….

and whel after several years i’ve now given that one to mum , hence i wanted a dc 15 the ball….

do’nt get me wrong the dc 8 stil works fine , but whel the bin started to anoy me and whel i got back aches sinds the wand is made for females and whel beeing 1.73m it had to bend over to much….

i now have a dc 15 and whel i love it , stil can be improved but i’m glad i have it….

and whel i just found out about this dc 16 dustbuster and am already fed up that i ca’nt get it over here…..

my old dustbuster smels like a camel and whel the power is gone in a flash….

and whel just do’nt mention how dirty it is to empty the bin , so whel withe a dyson dustbuster beeing like a dc 15 but smaler that al should be a breazzzz…..

only thing i would want to see is this :
a strap atatshmant…. so you could hang it on your shoulder…

then make a smal hose for it so you could hang it on your shoulder and vacume lets say the car….

then put an optional lead onto it that you can attatsh when for ex you want to clean the car / boot / caravan etc….

maby have a car adaptor so you can get one for the caravan and boot , or maby even take it on your holls withe the tent etc….

in short i bet it wil be grait but as you see i have bigger idea’s for it already….

but whel i’m glad that mr dysons theam at least made my answer for a dyson dustbuster realety

22 Danielle 10.24.06 at 3:00 pm


23 INM8 2 10.25.06 at 8:48 pm

Do you really need more than 5-minutes of constant cleaning power. Think about it, why is this Dyson handheld activated by a trigger rather than a switch? This machine is for quick spot clean ups, and cleaning small areas at a time. Simply squeezing the trigger for a few seconds to suck up the filth and letting go will be sufficient enough for any user, and make that 5-minute battery life seem much longer than it actually is.

24 Betty 10.25.06 at 10:53 pm

Best vacume I ever had, And I have had my share, nothing compares to the Dyson. I threw out my old one, that was to be the best, don”t think so. After using the Dyson no comparison.
Same as for hand held vacumes, I have had many of those..Can’t wait to try the Dyson, I am sure it will do a far better job, than the ones I have waisted my money on already. And three pounds won’t be that heavy for any woman if she wants it done right. It looks like a paint sprayer to me. So what as long as it does the job.

25 Tina 10.28.06 at 8:21 pm

I have a Dyson Animal – this vacuum is by far the greatest I have owned. We joke at our house that we never vacuum .. we dyson. 🙂
With 4 dogs and a cat we have gone through several vacuuma over the past few years. The dyson is by far superior… to all these combined. I have ordered the handheld and am very much loking forward to it; I am confident that it will meet my expectations. As a woman I do not think 3.3 pounds is heavy at all .. my laptop is 6 lbs! As for the esthetics.. I am a mechanical engineer and I love it. Worth every penny.

26 Don 11.01.06 at 8:52 am

I am not a user but I am the guy that bought it for the user and let me tell you I got big browny points and seemingly a much cleaner house. The boss keeps on testing the old one(s) compared to the dyson and the fact is that she picks up a sizable amount of additional “stuff” with the dyson that the others didn’t get.

As far as the weight of this new oneDC 16… Did anybody remember that there is a 21 V battery tied to this thing?? I am thinking that it(the weight) is a little price to pay for the convenience of not tripping yourself on a darn cord, and oh BTW we always use the hand-held for the emergency stuff, reactions are a lot faster if you just grab and pull the trigger, without trying to find that recptacle.

27 thexfile 11.05.06 at 1:10 pm

oke after my last comment on here i went looking for shops round here in holland that may sel me one in euro’s…

i saw them on the net on a mail order firm for 180 euro’s inkluding shipping…

and whel i had to wait 3 weeks to get it then becouse it was not in stock…

by acsidant i went to the magastores and visited BCC….

at 1st my objective was to figuer out how this digital tv lark works and if it was worthe the effort….

then i thought when i was there i might as whel look if they had the dyson , but whel i thought i would be waisting my time…..

i was amazed to be found wrong…
they had it on show , and whel a demonstrating model i could use….

and whel i was amazed… boy does this thing suck….

whel it took me a week to rattle my brains , but wel as they told me the price was 169 euro’s i could not get the thing out of my minde….

and whel i maild dyson and whel they did indeed tel me that the use of the bat was 5 min on a ful charge , if you keep the trigger pushed in permanently…..

but that in normal use you would just push the trigger for a few secs and get suction and whel suk up what eaver you wanted…

so yesterday i bought the thing… !!
and whel so far i’m not feeling i was ripped of…

dyson was indeed right…. and whel the charging was quiker then i thought it was…
and whel withe the light indicators it was a breze to see how far the charging was….

on the whole the mashine is good thougt out…
even to the point of putting a tiny magnet into the filter , so the mashine does not work when the filter is not inserted…. wich i found a nifty safety divice… took me 5 min to figuer out that there was a hidden magnet and , whel finding it…..

to tel others how this mashine feels i wil give you this analogie….

for the ones that have a hand held cordles dril withe a detatshable bat in the hand grip….

whel the wait distrobution is the same…
it also feels the same in your hand as a cordles dril…

but like others have said when you turn on the ful power you feel the motor wanting to rotate your wrist clokwise a bit….

but to be honest i’ve been using it now a day , and whel i never ever use ful power , becouse a smal tap on the triger even dislodges statik dust on mu tv…..

wich i found amazing becouse i never expected it to be using it for just dusting….
but whel you can if you want to….

i’m glad i got rid of my black and dekker this thing has so much more power , you wil not beleve it…..

even for just a root 6 ( as compared to a root 12 in my dc 15 the bal ) you see furbals aparing in the bin withe just a milde dusting….

it even pikes up rough wood chips that i put in the bird cage…. my old one could not even cope withe that….

but whel mee beeing pikky there are some things…

i’m not saing this thing is foulty , but whel i’m just a pikky guis that wants things perfect…..

the 1st thing you wil notice is when you open the box and insert the bat….

” normal ” dustbuster are mounted withe the handle of the mashine pointed to the wal….

so i was amzed to find that the braket makes it mount verticaly…. so on it’s side…
and you can slot the mounting braket on nothe sided of the shoe that your bat slots in to and thus your dustbuster…

i was thinking whey the hel dyson did this…
and then it hit me…
my mum said ” i bet you cant hang it on your old spot behinde the fridge ….

seeing as my old one hanged on the wal , and when i open my fridge there is a certain space between the door and the dustbuster….

whel then it hit me why the strange braket….
by mounting the mashine sidways the thinest part of the mashine points outword from your wal …. thus giving you the smales profile , and whel saving you space….

so that is cool 🙂

and whel another point is that in this position you can see the charching lights better….

i love the lights it gives me input on what the mashine is dooing at al time….
you know how much power you have left and tels you if an error might ocour in the mashine….

even telling you when you need to change the filter….

at 1st i was like , oke whey not put the lights on the charger , but whel it makes sense…

although i stil finde it strange that you can disconect the batt ( i think in case it goes bust and for easy recykeling ) but whel you ca’nt recharge a 2onde bat in the mashine if you wanted to do so and , and if you ware as mad to get 2onde batt anyway…..

but honestly you do’nt need a 2onde one…

then we come to a thing i do already finde frustrating….
yes after just 1 day a thing bugs me already….

and it conserns this charging plate…

whel you see this mashine comes withe a creves tool , wich is grait !! and this 2 in 1 brush thingie….

now i know that dyson think things trough as you have lernd in the above text….

one now here it comes , then whey o ff whay do i do not have a tool holder on my ff charing plate ???

it would be so easy to encorporate 2 or 1 round pipe peaces in the mold , so that if you use 1 of the 2 tools , the other 1 can be held in the wal mounted charging station…..

i find this a fatel flaw in the design…
i suspect that the crevice tool was developed into the pacage later …..

whey do i say that ?? whel as normal dyson crevice tools ( the one on my dc 8 and dc 15 ) has this special air slots so it has more suction and stikes les to drapes etc. and this one does not…

so i suspected sombody complaind and they quikly made one withe the size hole for this mashine atatshmant….

it’s treuly sad , and withe my dc 8 and dc 15 the bal , you have perfect storage for al your tools and this is the 1st one that has not….

that’s a bad point in my book…..

and i would love to see dyson send me a braket withe this simple fix…

i gues there was a rush on putting it into production , and this simple thing slipped trough detection….

whel , another thing that i found out is about the led’s

yes they are good , and yes it’s mee beeing pikky…

but whel the lights should have been mounted on top of the mashine , same as the pus button for the bin trigger…

you might ask what is wrong… whel nothing when me is consernd ….
oke it would make reading the leds more easy when the thing is hanged verticaly in the charger…
but whel that’s not realy a problem… i can overlook that…

the thing is i’m right handed… and so are most of us….
but whel i was hoping that dyson would make a uneversaly handed mashine…
sadly it’s turned out to be just for us right handed few….

then we come to another problem….
whel this is my 3rd dyson , so i have had 3 manuals now….

i apploude dyson for having one of the best manuals out there…
even my mum who is not macanicly inclined can figuer them out….

but whel the 1st 2 were in couler…
and whel oke you would say whay need a couler version when a black and white one wil do…?
and i would agree up to 1 point….

there is a page that explains the meanings of the coulerd leds… and what you have to do or not to do when you see the combinations…..

whel this is in black and white…. :-S
we deff need a couler version for this , couse i could not out ( not even now ) what lights should bit lit at wich times , and wich are blinking or not :-S….
so i have to gues that when an error ocours that i wil have to pick the nearest descripton that matshes it…

oke so again no big deal wright ?? and whel yes….
but whel it’s looks sloppy….
oke dyson is the best , and they realy trie to be the best…
but oke cal me pikky , but whel this is a minus point….
it wo’nt stop you buying the thing , but it looks sloppy….

last thing i would like to mention is this…
if you have a dyson you wil know that you wil have to wash the filters like every 6 monthes……
and if you do it the way i do , that means you do it in jan , and then in june , wich only obligates you to do it 2ce a year….

whel it surprised me that a mashine this smal , and that is used les frequeantly has a refresh filter rate of every 3 monthes…. whel as they discribe in the manual….

i found this strange as i was expecting to only do it 1ce a year , as it is a smaler device and wil be used les often… but they that’s what i know…. hihih

and yes you get another nice calender on the flap of the box , wich is a nice bit of dual purouse pakaging…. but to be honest i mis a thing….

on my dc 8 i had a stikker that you tiked the monthe on you needed to change the filter
so i mis that… would have been handy to have that on there insted of the carbord calander….

whel that’s al….
my good and bad parts of the dc16….

and yes i’m pikky…
but honestly if your a bit more forgiving then me then it wo’nt be a bad buy….

and whel you wil love it , couse others just suk …in the sence they wo’nt ever have the same suktion this one has….

i like tried al the ones in the shop , and whel , non comes even close….
trust me you wil think you have a sukking heardyer insted …..
and yes that much wind….

so whel i wil leave it at that…

and is it worthe the price ??


28 Barry S 11.05.06 at 10:22 pm

I had high hopes for this vac, and it works great, but only runs for six minutes per three hour charge. I don’t know what kind of cleaning you do, but six minutes is nothing so I can’t figure out how this would be useful. Clean your car? Not in six minutes. Cleaning around the house? You can do a little bit before it needs recharging again. So if you have 20 minutes of cleaning to do–not unreasonable, you’d have to charge this thing 3 hours at a time for 12 hours. In practice, I found this tremendously frustrating. It would be bad enough if they threw in 3 free battery packs and a multi-charger, but all you get is the basic setup for $150. I don;t even see a standalone charger available. Dyson should print the the six-minute run time on the box, but then I guess nobody would buy one.

29 thexfile 11.06.06 at 12:22 pm

dear “By Barry S on”

would you clean your car withe a normal black and dekker dusbuster ???

you may hover up some crums but whel never do the whole car …..

do’nt expect miracles from this mashine , after al it’s just a dust buster , and not a ful fledged vacume….

on the other hand it does have the power of a ful fledged vacume….

and whel you could get stuf out of your car capets that you would not get out withe a “normal” dust buster…..

as i even pointed out the mashine is far from perfect , some les designd fetures that like i sayd for my feeling was “russhed in to production”

but whel part from that it works fine….

now i do’nt know if your a trigger happy person , but it sounds like it…..

on the whole i can do like 30 min of cleaning withe that bat by just squizing the trigger mildy on and of…..

you wil also notice that there is a lot of residual suktion when the moter is not in power but stil turning…..

i gues it takes use to it if your used to beeing a “gas guzeler”….

it has the same nack as lerning to drive an electrick car , and or lerning to drive more econoic in your “normal”car…..

and whel . i bet you must be unsatesfied withe your cordles dril 2….

becouse if you use that in the same way it wil also deplete it’s power in the same amount of time…. and whel those varie from 14 to 24 volts…..

and be realistic , you never have you cordles dril turning al the time …..

yes this mashine hasminus points , but as far as i can see tel me honestly would you rather have your old black and dekker dustbuster back ???

if so you can have mine for free hahahahha

30 Jae 11.07.06 at 11:24 am

I have the Dyson Root 6… it sure does work well… for a whole 4 minutes. Sure the charge time is 3x less than “similar” handhelds, but so is the usage time! I hope I can at least get a spare battery~

31 Barry S 11.09.06 at 12:16 am


Nah, you can keep your Dustbuster, thanks. The thing is, I like the Root 6 when it’s working, so I’d like to use it to do serious cleaning. If I going around the baseboards and trying to do the stairs, no amount of ‘conservation” is going to let me get the job done without three full charges. The Root 6 is good enough to vacuum the car interior, so yes, I’d like 12 minutes to do a thorough job. My beef is that Dyson wasn’t up front with the run time and they don’t offer an AC adapter or a separate battery charger + packs. I’d be ok with an AC adapter to finish the house and a couple of extra battery packs for the car.

32 Jim Light 11.11.06 at 1:54 am

Great battery life, but the battery life is way too short. Dyson should post a big warning on the box: “Warning $30 per minute of battery life. 34 minutes of charge for each minute of run time.”

33 Erica 11.15.06 at 3:06 am

Yeah!! I am so excited. We purchased the Animal 2 1/2 years ago after burning up two vaccuums in less than a year due to two kitties, and my long hair. I figured it couldn’t possibly last this long! Anyone who says they do not outperform apparently doesn’t know what is still in their carpet if not using a Dyson. Someone commented earlier its suction pulled the loops out of their rug. They are right, it’s so powerful you need to switch it to bare floor if you are going over something like Berber or it will pull it right up. As a young Mom with a messy two year old, I am looking for a dust buster that works picking up all the crumbs, and other random bits and pieces through out the day without losing suction. When I saw this, I was stoked, IT IS what I am asking for, for Christmas…….and I’m sure it will outperform every other Dust Buster we’ve had. So if you buy three cheap dust busters which we have, 150 seems to be about right! Spend the $ now, and you don’t have to keep on buying new machines!! Love it!!
PS A great way to empty is outside into the trash bag before you take it out. I guess if you weren’t too bright you would dump it all over the floor and then your house would be dirty, but I assume most people are brighter than that! CHEERS!

34 HARRY 11.28.06 at 5:20 pm

I have the dc-07 full gear and love it. It is the best i have ever had or used. However I am very disappointed in the Root 6 handheld.
Yes I want a hand held to go for more than 12 minutes(the longest it has gone so far) on a 3 hour(or even 24 hour) charge! Overall it has not come close to my expectations. Charge doesn’t last, easily clogs, and feels cheaply made. It performs like a toy not like an appliance. I wish i liked it. Unfortunately it is an overpriced POS!!!!!!

35 Martin 03.28.07 at 11:08 am

This thing has incredible suctionpower and looks so amazingly funny. I feel like i’m on a space mission when I go around the house with this thing. It has great power but is only suitable for those small emergancy-jobs because of the short workingtime. I don’t regret my purchase but the workingtime is a major disadvantage!
When you use the brush it’s great for dusting but you have to be quick before batterylife runs out

36 Matthew 04.09.07 at 7:42 pm

There are a lot of people adding comments here who seem to delight in making themselves look stupid or weak. Eventually, all vacuum will be made with the technology Dyson is pioneering.

Obviously some technology is beyond some people, and competing manufacturers are indeed desperate to keep their outdated rubbish on the market.

Bottom line: NO product is perfect, but the Dyson is more effective, cleaner, more hygenic, better built. No more to say.

37 Mark 07.01.07 at 11:32 pm

I have had the DC16 for about 6 months now and i have to say it works great. BUT it has on major drawback it only runs 6 minutes or less on a charge and with regular use that starts to drop off.
Plus the cost of a replacement battery is about $80
This is almost what is cost to buy a new one. I paid $120US on amazon. also wish that they made a charger to charge up a spare battery right now you have to have the battery plugged into handheld body in order to charge it.

38 phil gibbs 08.18.07 at 1:36 pm

My Dyson DC16 is 6 months old and has never had a battery life of more than about 5 minutes. I can run it continuously for about 5 minutes before it stops dead. That’s following several days on charge. Curiously, if I empty the collector it will start working again for about another minute, then it quits again. I never let the collector get anywhere close to the Max mark and I’m just doing typical clean-ups with it like kitchen crumbs, etc. It’s not like it gets ‘hard’ usage.
So, anyone else had this experience?

39 JB 10.30.07 at 9:58 am

Any husband who buys his wife an appliance for a present is insane, an idiot, a bozo.
Men, buy your wives jewelry, furs, diamonds, a nice candle lit dinner out, a trip but never ever an appliance.

40 Dayton Ohio 12.25.07 at 7:26 pm

I just bought the Dyson root 6 for my wife for xmas and as soon as she got it out of the box she sees the little tag 6 min run time. she says
F@#$ that your not paying $150 for a 6 min vacume I can’t even do one bed in 6 min. So I guess it’s going back to Best Buy.

I say this Dyson thing is way way over rated !!
I have a HooverTurbo vac that I’ll Put up againts any Dyson upright.I got three cats and my wife uses it up to 3 times a day no problem at all and 1/3 cost of a dyson

41 Big Fish 01.15.08 at 1:51 am

I use the Dyson Root 6 every day in my cleaning business. Not many hand vacuums can stand up to daily usage.

42 Laura 10.25.08 at 7:02 pm

I purchased the Purple Animal Dyson in June. Although I loved the suction that it had, and it was better then any other vacuum I’ve had, however it was very difficult to use.
With 2 huge German Shepherds I have a lot of hair and vacuum everyday. The problem is that the turbo “filter”? inside the canister would clog up quickly and I would have to pull that piece out then vacuum that with another vacuum. Maybe some people don’t do this, but I can’t imagine leaving all the dirt pile up and looking at it all the time. After 2 months of use I broke one of the tiny clips that holds that turbo filter in the canister which left me with a canister that feel apart everytime I lifted it.
I purchased it through amazon and they were kind enough to take it back and refund me in full.
I am now looking for a new vacuum, and though I would love the suction, the cons out weighted the pros. Difficult to use, VERY heavy, not good at turns and corners plus more. I would love to hear what anyone think about how other brands vs. the dyson

43 ifloyd 01.10.09 at 11:33 pm

I love my DC15 “ball” Animal. I have owned many other vacuums and some I payed quite a bit for like the “Rainbow”. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with it. I find it to be a real quality machine. After owning it for over 2 years now I think it was well worth the $500 dollar price tag I paid for it. I used to have terrible asthma and after using this vacuum for a few months I went from using my emergency inhaler from 4-6 times a day to 2-3 times a month. And this is still true after more than 2 years. No other vacuum has ever provided me this type of relief.

When I first got the DC15, I vacuumed the crap out of a specific area in my house until the Oreck I had wouldn’t pick up anything more (essentially). Then I used the Dyson. To my utter amazement I almost filled the canister.

I also own the DC16 Root 6 and I love it too. I used it all the time for those quick and dirty needs, literally. My Dirt Devil & Dust Buster were a piece of crap compared to them. I guess you get what you pay for.

Oh yeah, ever us SpaceBags? The Dyson could turn a comforter into a washcloth. No other vacuum I’ve owned could do that.

Just my 2 cents.

44 Katie 11.14.09 at 7:31 pm

I purchased the Dyson DC30 with the new digital motor yesterday. I was quite impressed with it for 6 minutes. I called customer service and was informed that the battery is only capable of lasting 6 minutes. I would have liked to vacuum my car, but between charging time and actual vacuuming time it probably would’ve taken 6 days.

45 Lou Del 06.01.10 at 11:39 am

We own one, works great for the six minutes, then i have to recharge. works great on stairs, for 1/2 a car at a time, and for window sills pretty good. But just found out it was $120.00 with discount at bed bath and beyond. If i knew my wife paid this much, i would have told her not to buy it. Note how they dont tell you about the six minutes…but we like it.

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