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October 2006

It seems like every major chain store has its own version of the Dyson DC14 Vacuum. Choosing the right one can be pretty tough so I listed all the various models to let you know what they come with, the new price, and the refurbished to help you compare which Dyson DC14 is right for you.


There are numerous Dyson Vacuum accessories available in the various DC14 Kit packages, as well as available seperately. My package was called the Full Kit model which came with the following three accessories:


I got the Oreck XL deluxe as a hand-me-down from my grandparents and have not been too impressed with it. I think size and weight on the machine are great, it has two speeds which is nice, but it feels like it lacks any sort of power. It misses little pieces of paper or sock fuzz on the carpeting and just does not seem to suck like it should.


Well I have been wanting to get a Dyson vacuum since the first time I have ever seen the DC07 in a magazine, even though I did not have any carpeting at the time. Well I finally moved into a place with carpeting and had supposedly one of the better vacuums on the market, at least according to commercials, an Oreck XL, but I felt as though it was not doing a very good job of vacuuming, so it was time to get one.



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This was my flight from Chicago O’Hare airport to CDG in Paris, France.  I got to the airport early where I watched a man with the last name PHAT on his suitcase come to the washroom, do his duty and leave without washing his hands….busted phatty.


Meat Coma

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The Meat Coma.

I guess I coined the phrase meat coma on 8.26.06 at 11:07am (Chicago standard time)

The meat coma can be defined as the tired state a person is put in when they consume too much meat.

Usage: Wow those three steaks were delicious, but I think I am slipping into a meat coma.

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I went to Six Flag Great America on Friday night and it was pretty awesome. First of all I have not been there for what I am guessing is around 15 years. I think the last time I went was in 8th grade for a field trip. The last amusement park I went to was I think Paramount’s Six Flags in or near San Jose that Yahoo! rented out for “search night off“. I think the Chicago Stock Exchange rented it out on Friday, so there were no lines and we got to ride pretty much everything in a only around 3 hrs.