Who I Want to Meet At Pubcon

November 6, 2006 · 5 comments

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Graywolf posted this list on his site this morning and I was shocked to see myself on there… anyhow I will follow up with the list of people I would like to meet. I am not sure if they are all going, but I would like to meet them either way:

Rand Fishkin, Michael Gray, Nick W, Incredibill, Patrick Gavin, Mike Mackin, Dan Boberg, Greg Hartnett, Barry Schwartz, any webmasterworld mod I have not yet met, any of the guys who own the casinos, people on certain spammy email lists, and of course, young beautiful co-eds.

I think if my friends actually gave introductions I would have met pretty much all of these people. I probably have also met 1/2 of those people above but have known to be “blackout drunk” at times which leads to strange/broken memories.

Obviously this list does not include all of the people I already have met and am looking forward to seeing. It seems like an awfully long time since I have seen these people, and I am not sure if it is the new “bath rober” lifestyle that makes it feel this way or if it really has been that long. Either way I am looking forward to catching up and hanging out with all the people I do not get to see nearly enough.

Lastly about pubcon… I was asked to speak last week on the microsite/one page wonders topic… I have 5/6 days to write the presentation… what do you want to see on it, or what would you like to learn?


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1 httpwebwitch 11.07.06 at 2:54 am

I want to know the best ways to suck every stingy penny out of an undeserving public by hosting mucho domainage on one hosting account, ultracheap. And – Is it illegal to work a “swat the PPC fly” game onto a one-pager?

Also worth mentioning what can be done with one page when you incorporate AJAX widgets.

2 httpwebwitch 11.07.06 at 3:10 am

Who I want to meet:

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