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This is an old fashioned braindump. If you can connect any of the dots you will see something similar to what I am seeing. I am still in the middle of digesting it all and am not sure how i feel about any of it. It is an information overload, and was originally written and saved MONTHS ago. I have no idea of the actual date of it, but I found it tonight while I planning to go through this sweet sweet site and re-organize the posts.

I like the sound of feedback when it is controlled. I recently got a land line phone and called my voip with it, put them both on speakerphone and started and endless loop of noise.

My favorite part about the feedback is how it seems to take on a life of its own while still displaying various patterns within it.

When a noise was made on one of the handsets it would be heard on the other and repeated to itself, changing just slightly each time. Within a few cycles of this, the original noise was lost and a new one was made purely with itself as the main ingredient.

Tonight on my way back from the gym I was stuck at a train crossing with the rare double train…one in each direction.

The train closest to me was all lower empty cars…the kind that carry shipping containers. Since they were all empty they must have made the train extra long. It seemed to have gone on forever.

It was warm out, I had the windows down. A friend once mentioned a train being 3 miles long. It did not seem possible to me at first, but I think tonight it was. It seemed to have gone on forever.

With 5+ minutes to kill I sat and I watched and I thought. I wondered when it would end. I asked myself what if it went on forever. Would I try and find away around the track or would I just sit and watch it. I took great comfort knowing that if it went on forever that it would still be there when I returned…and it would always be there when I was interested in seeing it again. Then I wondered how much energy was wasted as the empty train goes by for miles. My car idling.

An interesting quote I heard today: “it is easier to become dark than to make others light”

I sat in my house today looking out the window. An endless stream of cars went by. Every one off to work. They work so they can live. Life used to mean cheating death by survival. The tools needed for survival, or so I was taught, were water, food, shelter. Later I heard they added love.

There are artificial worlds that exist within our own. Many have their own form of currency. People are now “fighting” for online survival. A woman recently became an offline millionaire from “land” that she bought, developed and sold in these secondary worlds. Niches pay.

Millions of hours are spent staring at a screen while a world passes people behind them. The fact people are now working a real job to make ends meet, and a second job in a fantasy world makes me sick.

I am now making good money and am wondering what I need to do with myself. I contantly question things. THings such as the world around me that seems to be more focused on buying and selling of merchandise than the well being of the people in it. Kind and sick and sad.

I really do not want to pay taxes this year.

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1 Anthony 06.06.07 at 11:28 am

Well said, friend, although…I work out in the world and, trust me, I would much rather be staring at a screen all day.

Also, I don’t ever want to pay taxes any year.

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