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March 2008

Google Referral Codes

March 25, 2008 · 0 comments

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This is for my own use, but feel free to sign up to it as well (c:


Hello there loyal readers. (3-4 of you?)

Have you seen this f’n thing yet? Big Dog:

It is more or less a completely amazing robot that looks like some sort of animal. Here is what they say at Boston Dynamics:


If you celebrate st. Patrick’s Day, hopefully you are seeing double right now instead of reading this POS.


This January I finally bought my own place and I needed to move my belongings from one home to the next. Being a nerd I used the internet to find a moving company. I browsed around and read various reviews. I went through and read an article about the best movers in Chicago. This was right up my alley. After getting quotes from a few companies and talking to the movers I went with the one that CitySearch recommended; Moishe’s Moving of Chicago, and boy do I regret my choice.


Over The Top Busy

March 2, 2008 · 4 comments

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Ever since I moved back to the city I have crazy busy. I have been working some long days…like 10am until 1:30am… last week I went a bit crazy and was up until 5 am 2-3 nights brainstorming some new ideas, as well as re-addressing some old ones. One night I laid out plans for 6 sites, including logo ideas, slogans, and community features.