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March 12, 2008 · 2 comments

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This January I finally bought my own place and I needed to move my belongings from one home to the next. Being a nerd I used the internet to find a moving company. I browsed around and read various reviews. I went through and read an article about the best movers in Chicago. This was right up my alley. After getting quotes from a few companies and talking to the movers I went with the one that CitySearch recommended; Moishe’s Moving of Chicago, and boy do I regret my choice.

Moishe’s sounded great over the phone and in their review, but the actual move was a disaster. Like I said I called various companies to find out which one sounded like the best choice.

The cost at Moishe’s was higher than everywhere else, but they sold me as a premium service, so the extra cost seemed justified. The man I talked to over at Moishe’s insured me that all items would be wrapped in moving blankets and then in plastic to protect them from the move. This sounded perfect.

Well when the move day came the movers showed up on time, which was a good thing, but it went to crap shortly thereafter. On the plus side they did come in under budget but there is a downside…

Moishes Moving of Chicago ended up damaging pretty much 40-50% of my large items that were not in boxes. 2 of the most expensive items survived, my couch and my tv, but nearly anything else that was large was damaged.

I documented all of the damage over at Flickr (Moishe’s Moving Damage). But here are some choice pics of the damage:

Moishe's Moving of Chicago Damage

And my personally favorite which enrages me everytime I see it:

Note the Sharpie marker that was used to “hide” the damage that they caused.

Overall I would say that this company is terrible, and I would not recommend them to anyone.

Update: Moishe’s did make good at the end. They did give me a nice check for the damage that my items received, and gave me the number of a furniture repair company, which I still need to check out. I would say they were quite courteous with the claim and such, but I still will not forgive them for the poor quality of move that I received.

My Advice is to get a recommendation from a friend and stay away from CitySearch.

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