Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2008 · 2 comments

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If you celebrate st. Patrick’s Day, hopefully you are seeing double right now instead of reading this POS.

This weekend I watched a movie, hung out with some friends, played with a dog, saw puke in both a toilet and Urinal, ate a burger with bacon and an egg on it, saw my family, hid speaker wires in a wall, mounted some other speakers to a wall, hid some other wires, shaved my head and beard, cleaned my place, tried some new beers, did a bunch of pullups… and ordered some new music.

Movie: No Country for Old Men,  this movie was pretty awesome. Half the people in it are hard as fucking nails. made my life feel boring.

Amateur Hour: The bars did not seem overly crowded on Friday, but there were some serious drunks out and about. At a smaller neighbor hood/hipster bar some dude/s puked both in the urinal and the toilet. GROSS

Shaved: I now look like 40 bux.

Hiding Wires/ Mounting Speakers. I ordered some mounts for 3 of my speakers and finally put them up today. It took way longer than it should have… turns out my walls are at least 2 layers of drywall think…to help deaden the sound. ANYHOW… the wall anchors were not made for that thick of wall. I did not know that going in though. The mounts needed 4 1/2″ holes to be drilled… which seems like way too much… anyhow it was finally mounted, you cannot see the holes. Then my 2 front ones I used different non recommend screws to hold the speakers. We will see how they hold up. I think they will be fine. 4, 2″ drywall screws going through 2 whole sheets of drywall. That is a layer of paint, 4 layers of paper, and all the drywall in between…on 4 screws holding up a 3-4 lb speaker. Think it will be fine, but maybe with time it will loosen up. Either way I know for the future I can go get some longer anchors if I needed and drill out the screw holes with the big bit.

I also routed some speaker wire through the walls… it looks pretty good. Well it is hidden at least

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1 Rae 03.19.08 at 5:39 pm

I’ve seen a shaven Georgie – you’re at least worth 50 😉

2 Dan 03.19.08 at 11:20 pm

the only way to shave is with fire. some girl in japan taught me that apparently

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