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April 21, 2008 · 4 comments

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nikon 028

Just a quick little update.

  • I have been working out a ton. Reader/s, BUY yourself a pullup bar!
  • I have been working a ton. Needs a vacation.
  • I finally am done with taxes and stressful leftover shit from my disaster of a move.
  • I bought a grill and some patio furniture (c:
  • Grilling RULES.
  • Living in a condo is the worst thing ever. Better than being homeless however. Also not really that bad, but lots of things that fill me with rage.
  • I have gotten sick of working so much and actually turn my computer off on the weekends now
  • I still enjoy drinking…some may say too much
  • Macs are actually kind of cool and work pretty well, BUT make for expensive dvd players.
  • It is good to hang out with friends
  • Family can be very interesting
  • Chicago can actually be nice, weather wise, but when it warms up the CRAZIES come out.
  • oh and we have earthquakes now?

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1 httpwebwitch 04.22.08 at 8:07 am

grilling rules. some of my favourite grillables:

– sweet corn, still in husk, presoaked in slightly salty water, grilled at least 30min until the husk is charred. Then shuck it and eat.
– anything that is both meat and spicy
– those huge portabello mushrooms brushed with olive oil
– baby back pork ribs, precooked in the oven immersed in white vinegar and a pile of course salt, then when mostly cooked move them to the grill and baste with something intense. best ribs you’ll ever taste.

When you use your DVDROM to play movies a lot, it’ll wear out. Eventually it’ll stop working. So that’s why buying a really cheap DVD player (

2 Sparky 04.22.08 at 3:03 pm

Welcome to crossfit… Use the rage… drink the kool-aid…
BTW- some use Powertowers(~$100) for pullups but they suck. If you aren’t in a globogym don’t have an affiliate around, find a kids playground… they usually have pullup bars and some even have rings!
Good luck and enjoy the pain!
3, 2, 1… GO!

3 Werty 04.22.08 at 3:34 pm

Thanks for the welcome Sparky. The one thing I will never run out of is Rage (c:

I have been doing some strength training that a mutant/monster (rips full beer cans in half and can do the human flag) taught me, as well as some dieting that another lifter taught me about.

Crossfit WOD are usually way out of my league, but this one was doable. 3 months ago I was barely able to do 1 pullup and now I am doing them with an extra 30lbs on my back…kind of awesome. I will checking and do things that are comparable to the WOD when I can. 30 muscle ups is still way out of the question (c:

4 Rae 05.08.08 at 8:42 pm

Love the patio set and grill – can’t wait to come use them this summer… I miss you… drinking is good… love ya 🙂

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