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July 16, 2008 · 2 comments

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I have taken various types of protein over the years and never really paid too much attention to it lately, until talking to one of my friends about the different ingredients, and what is good and bad in each. The following are reviews of the different types of protein I have purchased over the years and my thoughts about their taste and such.

Designer Whey Review – This was probably the first protein that I have purchased, and I think it was a pretty solid choice. Designer Whey mixes really well and has a middle of the road flavor in regards to sweetness. Like I mentioned it seems to mix really well. I have used a hand blender, a plastic shake container, as well as one of those 2 AA battery powered mini whisk things and it has blended pretty “chunk free” every time.

The Flavors I have tried are just the basics, chocolate and vanilla. I was happy with both, but I prefer chocolate because I can easily mix that into coffee and it tastes great.

I have gotten Designer Whey both from the internet and retail stores. One of the good things about Designer Whey is that it is easy to get. You can buy it at many grocery stores, or pretty much any vitamin/med shop online. I have purchased it at Trader Joes, Jewel / Osco and the The Vitamin Shoppe. It comes in many sizes and I would recommend the 1 pound container to start and see if you like it. I have read that it can give you some “stomach issues” but I have never experienced such side effects. All in all I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to buy some protein.

Muscle Milk Protein Review – I purchased Vanilla Muscle Milk from Nice Muscle.com and was really happy with the shipping and price point…the product however was a bit too sweet for my liking. I tried the vanilla flavor and it is way way way too sweet. It has a really sharp sweetness to it, which overpowers the protein in my mind. On the plus side, it it REALLY fluffy in the container and mixes beautifully. I have never had a lump in my handheld plastic shaker. One thing I did notice was a touch of grittiness near the bottom of the shaken container though. Not exactly sure what this is… might be the fiber within it?

When you look at the ingredients/nutritional value, it has quite a high amount of both fat and carbs, so to me that is not an ideal protein, and I will try and use another brand as my main source. Post workout I think it would be fine, but I would never take the stuff before bed, like they recommend.

Costco Brand Premium Protein Review – I am not 100% who actually makes this protein but I thought it was pretty good. It contained a variety of protein sources, whey, milk and soy I believe. It came in a 5 lb sack, and was somewhat expensive (35$), which I think is high for Costco. I tried the chocolate, and thought the flavor was good. It was pretty sweet, but not over powering. The things I did not like were the bag it came in… it never seemed to close properly so I used a different container. The other beef I had with it, were that it seemed really hard to mix. It would chunk up pretty quickly and those chunks would never get dissolved. I tried all of my mixing methods and they all seemed to stay a little bit chunky. Other then that I would buy this again, since it tasted pretty good, and had low fat & carbs.

All the Whey – Whey Protein Isolate Review – Whey Protein Isolate just came in today, and review will be coming soon.

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1 Dan 07.28.08 at 9:47 pm

Stick with the allthewhey.com whey isolate. Trust me. It mixes instantly, no carbs (splenda), no cholesterol, tastes great, super cheap.

2 aaron wall 08.12.08 at 5:50 am

duder…I expect to see some aff= when you do a review here 🙂

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