Fuck you Google*.

August 12, 2008 · 208 comments

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There, I said it. FUCK YOU GOOGLE*.

I put no script back on my firefox install just so I could block Google Analytics.

It seems like 80% of the websites I go to have Analytics installed on it (even I use it on this hunk of shit site), so they are getting a massive amount of browsing data for all of us assholes who use gmail and what not… so I say balls to them. Let them track me another way… which may actually be through cookies on sites using analytics… not really sure how it works, but I would love to hear a way to block them from obtaining my browsing data completely.

I am fine with them gathering my data from their own sites, but 3rd parties I am bit paranoid about.

I saw an interesting presentation at Defcon this last week which pretty much proved that Google does not give a fuck about the well being of their users. It was done by a guy named RSNAKE, who I have never heard of (not surprising, since I am not a “hacker”), but he did one hell of a presentation. It was actually awesome.

Worth checking out his work… here is a link to one of the issues with gmodules and the exploits. And an article about how Google is ranked the worst in privacy.

It turns out RSNAKE is the equivalent of Aaron Wall / SEOBOOK, but in the Hacker/security community instead of the marketing side of things. I think the 2 of them should talk.

Anyhow it seems as Google is getting more powerful with more reach each day. Them “merging” with Yahoo on the advertising side of things is some pretty scary shit, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out. If I had to guess, there will be some heavy outside intervention to prevent that from happening.

Anyhow, I hope it does not happen, and either MSFT buys them, or Jerry Yang gets shot, and the company is run by someone who is less of an asshole.

I am hoping someone can spider the interweb and see what percent of sites are running Google Analytics, so I can properly shit myself when I see the usage data. It would be nice to scan the top 100,000 Alexa sites and see who is sharing data with the BIG G.

Anyhow, that is all. Are you scared of Google? I am!


* Actually I love you Google. You make me money day in and day out. You have the best advertising platform out there. Even though you are doing your best to make me pay more per click, I am okay with that. You deliver real users, and lots of them. Keep up the good work.

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1 Ian Atkinson 12.11.13 at 4:42 am

Google have near stolen the internet now.But I wouldn’t want to be a senior Executive in that company.In time people will rise up and they will be slaughter for there greed, in trying to take over our lives. It may take some years for it, but it will happen.

2 J 12.28.13 at 2:21 am


Anyone who works for Google or own stock in Google is a fucking Dick.

3 Joe 04.15.14 at 7:03 am

Yes, FUCK YOU google ! Or shall I say poohgle !
I do not use these assholes since a long time now. I use any other search engine including the ones who are (supposedly) not tracking us like duckduckgo, Ixquick etc..
I use viamichelin, mappy or others but never poogle maps.
I get my news from elsewhere and I boyccott poohgle assholes and their friends the usual lobbyists , the NSA and all the assholes of this world.

Also, a special FUCK OFF to google employees in Dublin Ireland, where the worst of corporate bullshit and dishonesty meets with the worst wankers and jerks.

FUCK YOU poohgle !

4 nasdav 04.29.15 at 6:00 am

fuck you google so hard I’ve been in the reseach insdustry over the internet
now fo 16 years .As far as Ican tell searching over the internet is fucked up.especially with google and it’s fucking algorithms, now It’s trying to hold the entire web and mobile systems , be carfull no bullshit google is evil

5 Franco Alvarez 08.15.15 at 11:57 pm

This fucking monopoli is aquiring way too mych power, and you’ll be buying land, houses and God knows what else….they make you sign and create accounts just to have acces to what they call free. This is the modern slavery….,

6 Jana Nicole 08.28.15 at 2:30 pm

The google 3rd party. Still i respect you because you can help me for the mobile apps i can use in my daily needs. But its not acceptable anymore the terror, horror, harrassment and very bad experience experience from you google 3rd party. Stop disturbing and destroying my life. You already show me all the terrorist attack attack and im sure you are happy now. You really dont hv a heart and you never been good to me at all. All your apps are all fake and not genuine all are copy cut and double face and you dont want me to get apps from the other website. Please stop copying all the fake software and apps and please stop the randsome tricks, tacticks, liars and drama. Then the ending part you need a credit card number. So who is happy now about this.

7 Randy 11.10.17 at 5:04 pm

Its pretty well fucked up we make them rich and they treat us like third world ,step adopted orphans

8 Randy 11.10.17 at 5:05 pm

you moderate yourselves and you may quote me on that or even misquote if you wish

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