Slacking at Work!

August 15, 2002 · 1 comment

in Work

so i am at work right now.

on my way to work i run into my sisters friend jim. he is a real weirdo. i see him all the time now because we ride the same train and have to be at work around the same time. he showed me a method of getting to the other side of orleans street by walking through the merchandise mart and then into another building through a skyway…woo. it will be great durring the winter. he went to walgreens, i followed and got a clif bar for breakfast.

i get to work and my boss is out sick.

what does this mean?

well first off i get her chair. which is a sweet ass Herman Miller areon chair. man is it comfortable.
it also means i can check my mail and write this blog

i am totally hopped up on caffiene right now and feel is pretty amazing

i sit in this sweet chair and gaze out the window to the rooftop across the street.

it is the east bank club. some super fancy and hip health club that i could never afford. i cant even afford the ymca.

i get to see the young and rich swin and run around on the roof. one day i witnessed a water aerobics class. hawt.

man am i hopped up on caffiene. 2 cups of coffee and a super strong tes. all for free. all for me. jitters. eye contact hard. jitters. shake baby shake

i am listening to the beatles right now. it is great. woo. back to work

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1 Knight_Ctrl 04.16.07 at 7:04 pm

Im slacking at work right now too…just found your blog from a google search “The art of slacking at work” slack on.

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