Who would win in a gun fight?

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so i am now sitting here eating lunch. i made a mock chicken sandwich. i got some new bread from whole foods last night. it is super good and hearty. it has chunks of millet in it. f’n good. also i put fresh basil on the sandwich. basil has become one of my favorite herbs. in addition to the sandwich i have a motts nerd style snack pack of apple sauce. and some 365 brand vanilla/chocolate cookies, also mad delicious.

last night i was looking for my bike on ebay, just top see what it was worth. then i did a search and came up with this amazing bike for 5 dollars. it is about 50 miles away but it is worth the drive. it is old and blue, has fenders. looks like 3 speeds. and locking wheels and seatpost. what does this mean? it means i dont need to ride my nice bike around and i can actually travel through the city in light blue style. the fenders mean if the streets are wet by back wont be splashed. hot mama. i cant wait. i bet the bike weighs about 50 lbs. sweet american steel. the only bad thing is that it is a 3 speed so it doesnt have a chain guard. so i will have to roll one leg of my pants up and look like a thug. well more so of a thug then i do now. hopefully i wont be popped for being a cracker on a baby blue bike with thuggish pants on. shit. hopefully i will. haha i need to get life insurance.

so what is the plan for tonight? well i am guessing i will get out of work at 4:30. hop on the train. get home around 5:15. change shoes. check mail. switch to chill mode for a bit. then head on over to marisas and water her plants again. i can probably put it off until tomorrow, but i wont.

then i may return home. and either paint or work on the web page. i think i should work on the page and get the template for this blog up so i can actually post it and link to it. either that or work on it. get parts of it perfected. maybe the debut of the page shall be on my birthday. speaking of which, what do you plan on buying me? i hear north ave. prostitues have a b-day special, and i havent any azz in like 4 mo…well past due…lord shoot me. in the head.

who would win in a gun fight. clint eastwood, jesus, or john wayne?

oh i need to add a comment feature to this sweet blog. i hope i get 10-12 regular veiwers of this daily, that and 2-4 stalker types. one of which will come and break into my room at night and lay next to me. when i awake i will be shocked. the stalker will then calm me by driving a blade through my lungs. i will gasp for air and toss and turn like a fish out of water. large ammounts of blood will soak into my sheets and bed. with the last of my strength i will tackle my attacked through my windows. we will flip over my porch and do a triple lindy in the air.

do i even know what i am talking about? no you do not. yes you do. shut it you. make me. werty! what? you arent supposed to leave the house. my house is in his head, so i never left. dear mama.

100’s of chicagos socially elite head into the east bank club. i wish i could be a bit closer, or have some spy glasses so i could see the sweet sweet ladies strutting there stuff. they look like hotties but at 300 paces i cant really tell. i swear i saw a kid running around on the roof bare-assing it. his mom chased him down and they went inside. this was a few weeks ago. i swear it happened.

so school starts in like a week and a half. i dont know if i shoudl drop my one class yet or not. i guess i can since i will be getting financial aid. and if it takes me 12 years to graduate it will be free the entire time. so why rush it and make it hard on myself. not only that it would leave my fridays open if i didnt need to work before hand. things should be interesting once school starts. i hope i dont loose this job. the only reason i would, would be due to not being able to work more then 20 hours a week.

i spent about 1 hour on the phone today trying to save a file the proper way so it can be imported into MS publisher…and then be merged with data. oh dear lord. i was told on the phone: “dont feel like you need to get everything done”. this pretty much means slow down your pace and work at my leisure.

well i am gonna finish my lunch and get this thing done. then putz around and finish what i can. tomorrow i work again. 1/2 day. my paycheck will be pretty sweet for this period. it is a real shame that i need to take out business expenses…otherwise i may actually make a profit this year. haha ummmm yup

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