Another Wonderful Update – Got a U-pass

August 22, 2002 · 0 comments

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so there is somewhate of a werty v2.0 now… i dont know when it will be a full working page. i would really like to learn flash…just so i can make the page amazing. i have always wanted to learn flash…the new version seems pretty swanky. i like that you can import video. i like video quite a bit.

i now own a u-pass (c:

i woke up, farted around on the computer. worked with blog amp… showered. i get out of the shower and my sis is on the couch. sick as hell. too much drinking.

i try and make her eat and drink…she refuses.

holy christ…it seems like a long day. i ran around a lot.

i went to the bank. cashed a check. took a little extra out. andy joined me. then we went to uic. krissy let me barrow her car.

we get there and it is mega crowded. i have never seen it on a busy day. starting school should be interesting.

i really am looking foward to sculpture. i have 2 amazing ideas for projects. and maybe some doll making.

then we have industrial design. i have one design that i cant wait to develope.
i must go to bed. goodnight

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