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November 10, 2002 · 0 comments

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so i havent posted in a bit.
lots of stuff going on still. finals are approaching.
they want to give me more hours at work.
i drank like a fish this weekend.
i read about a book a week.
i sold my camcorder on ebay.
the guy who bought it seemed okay at first.
now he seems like a complete douche.
i will be happy when the transaction is over with.
he sent me money real fast like. over paypal.
i sent the camera on friday. he emailed me sat and sunday. same fucking email.
“i need the tracking number”
i sent it usps. so no tracking number. they said it will arrive tuesday. it is insured for 1000 so i am not worried if he doesnt get it or if it gets to him damaged.
i have a ton of homework that i must do this week.
i dunno. busy busy busy. too busy for my own good.
this isnt going to post because the server i host lightblueextra on is a complete pile of shit. i need to look into changing hosts.
next weekend i plan on not drinking myself into a stupor. we shall see what happens with that.

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