Years Later and the Memories Still Linger

November 15, 2002 · 0 comments

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well lets see. it has been a while since i last posted. busy with school and work and such.

last night i saw bowling for columbine, i want to move to canada more then ever now. oh yeah. the movie was great. i suggest you all see it. i want to write micheal moore and see if he addressed the lack of wheelchair ramps at the walmart headquarters.

i am eating lou malnatis pizza for lunch. it is pretty damn tasty.

today i get to work a full day which is pretty rockin, i can use the extra cash to add to my savings.

after work i am going to get a haircut. my hair is huge right now. when it first started to get big i kind of liked it. now it is just wacky. The last time I went I bought a hairstick  (From bedhead/Tigi the makers of pet head) to make it messy, but that does do anything anymore. it has been about 9 months or so since i got it cut last.  i am going to have them take a few inches off, but still leave a bit of a shag to it.

this weekend i dont have many plans. tonight i may hang out with McKenzie. probably watch a movie and hit a few drinks.
tomorrow i am going to brookfield to a party at my friend mikes house. that should be interesting.
sunday i am going to a blackhawks game thanks to jay who scored 100 tickets to it somehow.

oh yeah today at work i started to email these ladies who work at yahoo!. it is kind of weird to have professional relationships with people with such status…well at least in the search engine world.

i am really enjoying my job. soon it will be full time, and school will go to the back burner. which i dont mind. UIC is not for me, i love my sculpture teacher but that is about it. she isnt even teaching there next semester. she has a giant art show she has to prepare for, plus she is teaching at the art institute. yesterday my class got to go to about 10 or so galleries. much of the work was laughable. i did however get a really intense idea for a multimedia project that would take the art world by storm…hahaha. there were these 2 old broads walking around with these terrible sculpture/statue things. i have no idea why they bought them. also i got some insider info on an art scene asshole. the guy was a total poof. it was great. i guess all he cares about is money. his gallery was pretty weak. WHEN I GET RICH i will open a gallery. it will rule. free drinks and lappies for all.

oh yeah tonight i have to attend a house meeting. that should be great. i have prepared some valid points to address at the meeting. i am assuming it wont solve any problems, since talking in the past has done nothing.

on another note today is ex-girlfriend torrey newmans birthday. she is 24. she hasnt talked to me in months. i believe she reads this though. so if you do happy birthday.

well i am going to cut my lunch break 10 minutes short, so i can make an additional $3.17. that damn nears covers my cost of lunch today. having a real job rules.

one last thing. last night i finished acid house by irvine welsh, today i started glue. acid house was pretty interesting. i enjoyed smart cunt as well as euro trash. the one i was told i would like i thought was allright. the idea was cool, but i believe it was poorly executed.

word. have a good weekend.

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