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November 20, 2002 · 0 comments

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so i think i have my choices for my classes next semester. i want to go full time once again. i have a full scholarship, so i may as well use it. the classes i would be taking are photo II, Time based media, and Printmaking I.

hopefully i will get them the proper days. which would be t/th all day. i would then work all day m/w/f. this would be like 21-24. it would be a few hours more work a week now, and the same ammount of school. the main difference would be that i wouldnt have to commute to school every damn day. which would be nice.

the other sweet things about me going full time are the U-Pass and Student Insurance… so that kind of rules.

this also means i will have to shoot lots of film. which would be a good thing for me. i havent taken pictures in a long azz time.

i am kind of sad that this semester is coming to an end. well mainly because i will miss some of my students and all of my teachers. i cant really complain about my teachers this semester. my sculpture teacher is amazing.

i am hoping i get to see my sculpture teacher in the future, she fucking rules. probably the best teacher i have ever had….

so i have 6 days to complete my next sculpture.

i had a few lined up to do, but the one that i have chosen is going to take a while…like 6 hours to construct and another 6-10 to program/test/install.

i am thinking the weekend is when it needs to get done. either that or i will request to take monday off… we shall see.

i have to get the okay for it from my drawing teacher as well, although i could always do something else for that class. i am getting a 94% in it right now, i may do extra credit to jack my grade up one higher so if my final sucks it doesnt affect as much as it could.

i am attempting to get straight A’s, as it will look good on my financial aid application for next year. also if i “show promise” i may be able to get a free ride again next year, through some art funding. kinda cool, kinda a ball of stress….

well i need to get my ass to bed so i am not a zombie tomorrow…i didnt get much sleep last night so i am guessing i will turn in early tomorrow night… we shall see

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