Worlds Greatest Hockey Game

November 17, 2002 · 0 comments

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so lets see here.
i just went to a blackhawks game. it was pretty awesome. this guy, jay, on my message board posted that he got 100 tickets. so i invited like 8 other people and we went. there was another 40 or so in our group. it was rowdy as hell and a great time. there was tons of chanting going on. my voice will probably be gone tomorrow.

last night i went to this party in brookfield. it was interesting. i played a theremin which was fun, that and some noise type bass riffs. supposedly i am going to be in a new band. somewhat like early ink and dagger. vampire chug metal i guess. should be fun. i want t sing and make noise for it rather then play a real instrument.

saturday i went to whole foods with McKenzie and i purchased a tofurkey. i think that may be getting cooked next sunday or the day after thanksgiving. we shall see. it better be delicious, i am assuming it will be.

last night i had a brainstorming session before bedtime, about the sculpture that i plan to make for drawing class(yeah i know). it will be used for drawing class because i can do some drawing of it, and also i will be drawing the animation sequence of it in iillustrator, animating it in flash… i still have to get amterials for it. i have a broken computer that i will use for it that i got at school. it was in a locker that i took over. so i call fibs. i have an old monitor here which will be used as a head. i may have to go to my parents and get another old computer to use for the actual workings of it. doing the animation.soundtrack will be a bitch and then wiring everything together and testing it…

it should be pretty awesome when it is done and i will try and show it in a gallery, which would be nice instead of the sculpture room. we will see though.

friday McKenzie came over and we drank beers and watched a movie. James then came over and we drank some more and then went to maries…i ended up pushing jenny and McKenzie into poles and brick walls. I also bite McKenzie in the legs cause large mouth shaped bruises…sounds like the work of werty. I dunno though. He hasnt been around for a while.

On saturday i also went to sultans with james. god that fallefel is good. and 3bones is hell cheap. i will probably eat that at least once this week. i wont be ordering any lentils and rice though. i ate that for 2-3 days….yow.

this week should be hell.
i need to talk to a boss or two at work and find out what is going on with my job. my promotion and all. i need to know this because i have to register for classes next semester on the 20th. i am really freakin gout because i am unsure what to do. on one hand i have a full scholarship for next semester. which is pretty rocking. on the other i have a full time job waiting for me that would be paying GOOD money. this would mean i could buy all the crap that i am going to school to use(darkroom/digital camera/palm pilot/record players/records…etc). however i am really enjoying school and being forced to make things. i want to talk to my favorite teacher and see if she will become my mentor. i think if she gave me assignments i could come up with some wacky high end sculptures for it. i dunno. i also want to learn how to properly paint. and i know she knows how….i just need to ask. she already said i could sit in on her class that she will be teaching at the art institute.

well i dunno. i am going to take some sleep enhancing drugs tonight and hopefully pass the fuck out. sunday nights are usually the night i lay in bed and tweak about the whole week ahead of me. all i know is i have like 3 weeks left of school and about 40 hours of work to do in my industrial design class in order to get a quality end product that can be massed produced….i dont really need to mass produce it but i think that would be one of the perks of making it correctly. xmas gifts and such this year. keep it on the cheap.

my sister and nicole say i am hording my money. it is kind of true. just preparing to pay off my debt. in theory i could pay it all off right now…i am keeping some cash around for an emergency fund, incase i get laid off again or something along those lines.

at some point in the next week or two i need to go to my old place of employment in order to give them my new contact info so i can get my tax forms sent here….sweet sweet taxes.

well now it is time for the tylonel pm.

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