Dressing like a square

March 10, 2003 · 0 comments

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So I had to dress like a square today. Wool pants, shirt tucked in, dress shoes. The shoes and the pants I do not mind, but I hate tucking clothes in.

I got to work just in time for the Monday Morning Meeting. This was one of the slowest meeting to date. I came back to my desk and drank my coffee and ate my blueberry bagel.

I checked the web and purchased keywords for a good hour.

Then I had to check out the design of a site and see what improvements I can make on it. Not many. They have over 2200 links pointing to them with a PR of 7. I saw that I could improve on the meta tags and titles. So I will be doing that for 200 pages or so/c:

At 2 pm I had another meeting. It went okay. I really said nothing because for me it was all review and it was the other 4 parties that needed to discuss stuff. I just set it up…

Well then I leave work after getting some stack of work done. I wait for the el for aabout 5 min. It comes..not a big deal. Then the brown line “stalls” for like 5 or so minutes before it gets to clark and lake. From here i wait a good 20 minutes for the blue line to take me home. I ended up finishing the book i was reading: The blank canvas. Also there was one amazingly cute lady waiting for the train. Gotta love that. I am glad I read the book. I learned a few things from it. Pretty much in order to become an artist you need to make art. And you study what you did and why you did it.

Also you are supposed to stick to your gut reactions when you make something. I am glad. There is this image of a little girl holding a doll that I absolutely adore. I will start painting it tomorrow. I just need to figure out what else I should include in the painting. That and what color pallette I would like to use.

Well Mckenzie called me tonight. We talked about 1.5 hours about nothing, yet relating to us, or the lack thereof.

Then I cooked some dinner, pasta and pesto, and watched about 12 minutes of TV. Nothing but shitty reality shows on the wide screen. TV is pretty much worthless. So is the computer. So are most things. I still want to build a ship. Either a floating greenhouse and live on the ocean or a space ship and colonize the moon. For some reason I doubt either will happen.

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