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March 11, 2003 · 0 comments

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So I went to work today. Nothing but blah. Went to school and did the layout on my painting. I think it should look pretty rock’n when it is done. I love the main image, and the background is a barcode, which could actually be scanned, that is if you had a 50″ barcode scanner(c:

Then I went to photo. I am getting an 87.5%, how do I feel about this? I do not know. My last project was shitty, so I cannot complain. The next one should be better, much better.

After class I went to Pearl and dropped 10 dollars on tape and a brush. From here it was off to get my haircut. It is pretty short and I think I like it. I just need to learn how to “stye” it. It used to be a big shaggy mess. This is more clean cut and messy. In addition to this my male pattern baldness has kicked in to the next level. Such is the life of a stressed out 24 year old.

One crazy thing happened to me today. I woke up with this weird long cuts/scars on the backs of my arms. No idea what those are or how they got there. It looks as though there is a thin layer of scar tissue…Actually now that I think about it, it may have come from my oatmeal/almond soap. It has giant pieces of oatmeal in it…does not seem very safe it could do this. It is supposed to exfoliate…not mutilate. Word.

Well I am going to try and write some emails and then hit the sack. Fun full work day ahead of me tomorrow.

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