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May 2005

Does anyone out there have a cure for the flu or cold, other than antibiotics?

Everyone at work has come down with something…either the flu or a cold…seems to be the flu, since mine has lasted a good week or so.

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I was in the need for a new bed and I decided to splurge a little and get a memory foam mattress. I have been researching foam mattress online for quite a while and have heard mostly good things about visco-elastic memory foam mattresses. All was good with these except for the price. Lucky for me my new job gave us Costco memberships…so I checked out there site and saw that they had Novaform Memory Foam mattresses in their online catalog. With a little bit more research I decided to purchase one. I would have gotten it right from the costco store, but they only had queen size beds, and I wanted to stick with a full/double size since all of my bedding was already that size.


I was sleeping on an air mattress and wanted something a bit firmer that did not deflate as I was sleeping, so I decided to puchase a futon. I shopped around online and had terrible luck…as usual. Shopping online in Canada is a complete fucking joke…it is terrible. The US has it really lucky…you can find something, buy it, and not worry about customs or insane shipping prices.


So lets see what has happened in the last 2-3 months…

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Macintosh computers userbase is growing steadily creating a larger market-share thus causing an up-rise with discovery of security vulnerabilities and also the creation of viruses has caused Mac Virus to launch. Mac Virus offers a source to keep tabs on the virus and trojan situations for the Macintosh on both Mac OS classic and Mac OS X, Apple’s latest operating system.