Yahoo’s YPN VS Google’s AdSense

November 10, 2005 · 0 comments

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As you can see I have been accepted into the YPN trial program. YPN is the Yahoo Publishers Network, which is Yahoo’s alternitive/competitor to Google AdSense. I have only had them run on here for one full day, but was able to get a decent idea of CTR (click through rate) and click cost. The CTR is terrible, but so is the targetting (hopefully this will change), but the CPC (cost per click) is around 10-20x more then what I was getting from google. CRAZY. Crazy Indeed.

Like I said it was a limited run thus far, but I was able to play a bit and see what I thought. I think the targeting is a bit off, or non exisistant, but the cool thing is you can assign themes of adveritisng for site, or for indidual sections or pages of your site, which is pretty bad ass. I think I chose internet and personal electronics as the theme of my site, but I have seem lots of general ads.

I will give some more feedback once I have it, but as of now, it is kicking googles ass as far as earnings go…I cannot imagine what my sites potential would be if the ads were more targeted which would cause the CTR/earnings to increase.

Also at some point I will give the run down of my new ad management software I am using on this site, and It is pretty bad ass, full of features and open source. I love it so far, but ran into a few problems when trying to have YPN and Google run at the same time. I was not ale to have it only display one type or the other, but that is mainly due to the different size ads on this site. My solution was to rotate days…but then I saw my YPN earnings and switched right on over. We will see how it goes.

Anyhow here is the guy I was referring to in my post here: Name that Artwork

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