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November 2006

Pubcon Las Vegas 2006

November 20, 2006 · 3 comments

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I am back from Las Vegas Pubcon and had a blast. It was a great time seeing everyone and I had more fun than I normally do at these events. I think it may have been this way, since it was mostly about pleasure and seeing friends than trying to get any actual work done… don’t get me wrong I did do a bit of work while I was there, but most of it was done while hanging and boozing with the pals.


Trose On South Park?

November 20, 2006 · 5 comments

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I found a link to a page that lets you make a South Park character that looks like you. Here is mine:


What do you think?

Also lets see what yours would look like.

Here is a link to the website that lets you make south park characters.


I am back from pubcon with some fun stories to talk about and numerous pictures and videos I need to post.

In the meantime I just wanted to say I was able to meet a few of the people I set out to meet including the following:


For those of you who run a home office and occasionally need to send a fax I have found the following solution to be a really cost effective one, and will only cost you around $10 in fees to set up and should be enough to send around 90 faxes for that $10, which for me is more than a years worth of faxes. You will need a computer, a printer, and a scanner for this to work properly. Right now I see a mix of companies allowing faxes or email attachments, and I am guessing one day all “faxing” could be done through email attachments and for “free”.


Online Prostitution

November 9, 2006 · 24 comments

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Next week I will be in Las Vegas Nevada, a place where many people think prostitution is legal, they are wrong to assume so, however I found a brand new place where prostitution is available 24/7 and within a few keystrokes of your keyboard…the blogosphere.


Graywolf posted this list on his site this morning and I was shocked to see myself on there… anyhow I will follow up with the list of people I would like to meet. I am not sure if they are all going, but I would like to meet them either way:


I recently bitched about how floods my po box with worthless mailers and cds, but the last few days these assholes sunk to a new low by functioning as my alarm clock with their sweet cold calling service.


I was at the gym tonight and had my ipod shuffle with me as per usual…I was on an elliptical machine and had been on it for around 17 minutes so my heart rate had stabilized at around 150 BPM. A pretty calming orchestra type song came on there that was just steady and smooth, kind of upbeat and happy and my heart rate dropped to about 147bpm.