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August 2006

European Vacation

August 22, 2006 · 7 comments

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Hey all, I am going to be offline for roughly the next 17 days on a well deserved vacation.

I am leaving from Chicago and heading to Paris on the 22nd, where I will be meeting up with Aaron and seeing Radiohead at an outdoor music fest, so I will be camping in Paris for 2 day.


Happy Birthday to Me

August 19, 2006 · 4 comments

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So today is my birthday. I just turned a whopping 28 years old.

Last year I spent the weekend in Toronto with my Sister and her BF Suhail.

This year was a little less eventful, but the day is still young.


My sister Imed me this morning with a link to these crazy sushi making machines. I love sushi and enjoy the hard work that goes into making it, however if you could automate the sushi making process and still provide good sushi, and even lower prices in the process I am all for it.

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I got a call this morning from my grandparents nursing home saying that my grandpa had problems and was being sent to the emergency room. As usual they were rather vague with a description of the situation so it left me with numerous questions.


My friend pointed me in the direction of a new bar in China that allows the customers to smash glasses and beat up the staff. We both had some really bad days this week and think it would be the ideal solution to that problem.

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Stuffed Jalepeno Recipes

August 17, 2006 · 3 comments

in Food

If you are a regular reader you may know that I have a garden that is providing more than enough cucumbers and tomatoes than a single man could ever want, but lately my pepper plants have been growing like mad. I have about 10 pepper plants, some little round ones that are still growing, some big greens one that are still growing, 2 habanero plants-still growing, and 3 or 4 jalepeno pepper plants that are producing 6-10 peppers per day.


So I was busy working when I got a desperate IM from world famous SEO, Aaron Wall. It went something like this*:

Aaron: Hey buddy, how are you?
Trose: Kinda busy, can this wait 5
Aaron: no, i NEED you help (left the mispelling in for authenticity)
Trose: not again?
Aaron: I need links, desperately
Trose: Don’t you have enough already?
Aaron: Please, just one from, no condom.
Trose: Gross dude


SES San Jose 2006 Photos

August 11, 2006 · 1 comment

in Work

I put my SES photos on Flickr. SES San Jose 2006

Here is just a sample:

At The Google Dance

That is me, Aaron, Andrea (girl from CarFax), and Darren.

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So I am back from SES San Jose 2006, and I got to say the coolest thing I found there were the Google AdWords Radio Ads… holy shit, I think this will be revolutionary in both technology as well as earnings potential. I think there will be some great opportunity there for what the locals like to call arbitrage.


Blogs with a Face

August 5, 2006 · 0 comments

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I recieved an email the other day letting me know I have been added to a site called Blogs with a Face
which I thought was kind of odd, so I checked it out and looked to see whate it was all about.