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October 2006

incomplete potential

October 31, 2006 · 0 comments

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Random notes for later in the form of a poem:

cookie cutter consume
finger pointing f(r)iction
signed by the author
size does (not) matter
calling god mother


Lately I have thought as christmas as a pretty bloated holiday that kind of gets on my nerves…this year a new button was pushed… it is not even Halloween yet and there are ads in the paper pushing Christmas decoration and gifts. When did our lives become so empty that our only redemption comes from a bullshit holiday that comes once a year?


Do you remember how people used to be so angry with all the AOL cds that would be free in the mail and magazines and all that? Here are some links if you forgot: and .


I buy a lot of stuff online, probably 5-10 orders of something a month, be it gifts, music, toys, computer things, software etc, and most the time when I need computer things I go with because they are cheap and usually have free shipping or something like that.


I woke up this morning (or early afternoon if you want to be technical) and decided to make coffee. I usually drink some Earl (of) Grey Tea and brew it kind of dark, and that gives me a nice amount of pick me up. Today I opted for coffee which I rarely drink and I almost jump kicked through the ceiling. What a difference that makes.

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I got a kick out of this email. I signed up for health insurance when I moved back to the wonderful US of A 6 months ago. Oddly enough I have never been to the doctor or anything along those lines since I returned, so I was thinking it would be something about how to actually get what you are paying for out of the shitty insurance that I bought…to my suprise is it was an email trying to upsell me on 2 services that I could purchase through and actually had nothing to do with my BlueCross BlueShield policy I signed up with. Sneaky little pricks.



October 15, 2006 · 1 comment

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sit. stare. dissappear.
daydream. overflow.
my costume doesn’t fit.
watch it grow

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Just if you wondering If I changed this site to be only about dyson vacuums I have not… sure it seems that way but that is not true.

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Leave it to James Dyson to come up with a revolutionary new handheld vacuum. My guess is they are releasing the DC16 Root 6 just in time for the holiday season, when husbands get their wives exactly what they want for XMAS…



Here are pictures of all the extra things my Dyson picked up versus my Oreck XL.

These are from 2 carpeted rooms, about 12×12 and 14×20:

dyson1.jpg dyson3.jpg

The Dyson filled up quickly and I had to empty it. It was pretty gross, but the next ones are even worse.